David & Nick on BBC Scotland Radio


Starts at 1:17.25

What’s up today?
MaidSafe Dev Update - May 17, 2018

Hey @Savage I shared your topic on the “What’s Up Today?” thread


Great spot! Really liked the intense and somewhat ominous music, made it dramatic. :slightly_smiling_face: great job @nicklambert and @dirvine


Nice interview. Great hearing the thinking behind the network and motivation for it being put out there so clearly.

The Safe network is a piece of tech that is badly needed to solve a lot of problems that are becoming widely acknowledged, but with no solutions available that don’t greatly compromise convenience.


That’s actually a really interesting piece, thoughtful, informed and well put together. Particularly interesting is the fact that one of the presenters lived in China where construction of the total surveillance society is already well under way.


Nice piece. IMO we need to find ways to support those who are giving voice to the ideas surrounding social network surveillance, data harvesting, etc. and in the process inform them of the Safe Network.