David Irvine talking with Kaye Adams about the SAFE Network

I saw a tweet this morning with a link to the interview David did two days ago:

It’s a great interview and I thought it would be good idea to extract it and upload it as a standalone audio file to make it easier for people to listen to it and to share it with others :slight_smile:


Jeez Louise - zero shares after all you have done, all you are doing and will do! I bow in respect you are a better man than me!


I am still an employee though so would get paid from the employee ownership scheme. So not totally broke if all goes well. I would like to see everyone involved get a reward for the pressure such a small team has to take on board.


Great interview. She is definitely wanting the scoop before any big announcements.

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50 + 30 = 80 what happened to the other 20 % ?

Sold for investment to pay for us all, esp in early days.


What? The man gives up 10 years of his life developing and inventing a new secure Internet for the benefit of humanity, then gives away 80% of his stake in the company, and that’s not enough for you?

Well done David Irvine, you’re an absolute hero as far as I’m concerned. And I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to you and the team for everything you’ve done and contributed.


he literally asked what happened to the other 20% of what would be 100% and only 80% was mentioned , The interviewer themselves could of and perhaps should of mentioned afterwards “whats the other 20%”

Its a genuine question regarding the project , he even liked David Irvines answer because it was a satisfactory straightforward answer to a very straightforward question.

You then feel the need to jump down his throat , asking what he is doing to benefit the world, acting as if he doesn’t give a good answer, he doesn’t have the right to ask such questions. Claiming he even said that it wasn’t good enough for him . he never claimed it wasn’t good enough .

You even go further to insult him in an edit , he asked a straightforward question and you have claimed hidden intentions and contexts that don’t exist and then insulted him for those non existent contexts that you disagree with that only you see . Calm down and step away from the internet for a while perhaps

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Okay, fair point taken. It just came across as an insulting question imo, that’s all. I’ve edited my comment so as not to offend. You’re quite right maybe I should step away from the Internet for a while :wink:
Have a nice day!


I just seen this reply … wow what kennel is angry bluecat from…thanks gohan you answered him better than I would have… good job I never seen his insult… it was a simple question on maths …never met a troll before but I have now…

As far as interviews go I think this is probably one of the best quick intros to the concept out there. Hopefully it would of got people thinking about alternatives to the current internet.

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