David Irvine talk about the future of internet on the BTF podcast


Hey guys!

Listen to David Irvine, CEO and co-founder of Maidsafe talk about the future of internet. http://www.alexfortin.com/david-irvine-maidsafe/

It was really fun and I hope you enjoy this episode as well!

Let me know what you think.

All the best!


Thank you Alex it was an absolute pleasure.


“Find the stuff that people say can’t be done… And just do it

Bloody brilliant!!!


One of the best interviews I have ever heard.


Great job @AlexFortin !

Loved it


A pleasure to listen to. Thanks for posting!


David, you still manage to blow my mind. And I get it now. The discussion with the former engineer. Even though I do respect him foir the way he handled himself against criticism he is still a person saying “you can’t do this!” and therefore he will be proven wrong. This is how innovation is born.


I really enjoyed the interview David, it is one of my favourite so far!


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