David Irvine interviewed on Declare Your Independence, with Ernest Hancock - Radio

Can save audio;


Please do so then and see if you can boost Davids voice against the music

Have you actually tried to download it?

PLease let me know if its just me that fails here

I was able to download it, but I can’t take the noise and that guy babbling, so I won’t listen.

EDIT: I even like AC/DC, but I don’t see why it has to be blasted all over the place like that.


I’ve 20m of the 38m interview transcribed, had my day off today so decided to do some typing. Transcribing is a time-consuming process, but there’s a nice rhythm to typing. And following the Scottish accent has been lovely aha.

Anyway, after having made it so far I’ll definitely make it to the finish line, and maybe try format the text nicely, and then share it here in a few days, before the weekend at least.


I apologize… I must have been tired the first time I read this, as I just now got that you were asking me a question (or at least responding to my comment with a question).

I can and have downloaded it. I don’t know how to boost voice against music.


I’ve the whole thing done, have went over it once, going to go over it again tonight after a few hours break to have a fresh brain for remaining typos and such. Will then be attempting to prettify, it’s already reasonably paragraphed I think.

I was thinking I could share a text version, a pdf version, and a url version using https://telegra.ph? Any thoughts or suggestions there? Happy to present it in the most convenient form.

Don’t want to step on Ernie’s toes either, was thinking of shooting him a quick mail before making any move to make sure he’s happy with the idea. I can for example send the text on to @maidsafe instead of publishing myself - whatever is best.

Lovely interview too - am I the only one who didn’t know the name MaidSafe was a play on RAID? Since learning of MaidSafe I’d looked up RAID at some stage and it hadn’t clicked.

Also - “Safe Network: The People’s Network”. Can we please use that, what a line! Or do we already use that?


Thank you for your hard work on this - Im looking forward to reading your transcript once you sort out the niceties with Ernie etc

Yes — sorry about that :slight_smile:

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We might not want to over-use this quote: “for the people, by the people” because it appears in a current, popular Netflix film, Startup. The three principals of GenCoin are sitting at a conference table with a potential investor in Season 1, Episode 7 (about 3:20 left in the segment) when it is uttered by one of GenCoin’s partners.

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It’s the tagline of Helium. We did actually consider it some years ago (I think before Helium did) as it chimes well; but in the end decided against in order to feel a little more politically neutral. “The People’s anything” sadly has quite a, shall we say, chequered past.


Aye, the people’s something usually turns out to be controlled by some tyrant instead! I think the safe network has honest intentions though.

I figured out immediately after posting my comment above, that I could right click and listen to it online. Thanks all the same.

Regarding ‘The People’s Network’ - we’ll just all have to put a little effort into acting surprised when people start calling it that organically then when the Network starts to prove itself in the wild.

Mini update is I haven’t had time to look at a final read-through with work the last few days.

Sent a mail to Ernie but no response, waited a few days; I’m going to go ahead and format and share tomorrow, I’ve time finally.


Alright, I was a bit slow getting the finishing touches done but I think it’s good there now. Was a fun project, please do have a look and share if you think anyone might like a read. Also any typos or such, don’t hesitate.

I think it comes across as sincere and conversational and readable, but I’m terribly biased aha.

Can provide other formats upon request but I’ll leave it like that for the moment.



Thank you very much for that, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m a bit hearing-challenged so podcasts aren’t my thing, can’t hear them clearly most of the time. You did a great job. First time? You sure?


I’ve wrote one or two things but never transcribed a longish thing.Thanks for letting me know - I said to myself if one person read it and appreciated it, that’d be enough for it to be worthwhile, so job done.

Also, to be fair, David did 99% of the work by speaking so clearly and well. Vast majority of the time I wrote the words verbatim, and just had to add in punctuation and paragraphs, which was usually straightforward.


Really well done. It all seems to make sense as well, so between you and me we got something. @Guybrows would this not also do as one of your written interview posts?


Think your mixing me up with @goindeep

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Ah sorry, I did :smiley: My bad

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Sounds to me like you are still interested in being on Crypto Fireside.
Thanks for thinking of me @dirvine

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