David Irvine interviewed on Declare Your Independence, with Ernest Hancock - Radio

Hi, all.

David was on the radio in America.

Just finished listening (on in 1st hour), it was great as usual.



Thank you for sharing!!


Great interview - shame about David talking all over the music though…

Anybody fancy making a transcript?


Nice to hear David back on an interview. Lots of bad production from whoever the interviewer was.


Ernie’s interview style has always made me cringe a little BUT he’s a massively supportive guy to the project and he’s a true believer. The fact he is so patient and still brings such positive awareness to his audience is deserving of some respect for sure.

Giving your guest a heads up on breaks would be great, though I hear this same kind of thing on even national radio shows that have some kind of strict FCC rules to follow, but I tip my hat to you sir.

As always, great to hear you back at it again David! Excellent stuff.


I didn’t know David had a connection with Paul Grignon. I spoke with him a couple of times ages ago - bought a ton of his DVD’s “Money as debt” to sell down here in Australia. Was following his work long before bitcoin.


Wow, well done. Brilliant by David, makes all the sense in the world.

I know its been said before, but Russell Brand is all over this stuff now, would be fantastic if he could get David on. Maybe on the premise of a new internet that solves all the issues he talks about and not another cryptocurrency as such.

But really good, even if production was a shocker :rofl:


Hopefully post-beta David will have the time to go on quite a few shows. I hope so anyway, would be great marketing.


Yea Paul and I worked on perpetual coin in 2007 (also perpetual credit/loans as well as deflationary money schemes and so on etc.) in fact he did the initial perpetual data video for us. He came over to Troon and spent time with us. He also went around the world speaking to economists about it. So a few years of pretty deep conversations with various economists with a load of papers etc. However folk will still say we don’t understand the economics etc. There is a difference from shouting how amazing we are and how much we actually do understand.

I owe Paul and I hope to get him involved again when we are “there” and we are now close to “there”.


No need to shout nobody listens, let’s just replace the network logo with a Pug when we launch. Job done.


Which city did you sell those dvds?


I was with the Permaculture Association of Tasmania at the time - was one of the founders. We bought a lot of interesting video’s on various topics - I picked the “Money as debt” videos. We sold them at local markets and on our website in Southern Tasmania.


This is the first time I heard of @maidsafe. This specific episode lead me here and it’s the same conference that Ernie is referencing in his interview.

That was a big moment when it enter the consciousness of the people in the cryptocurrency space and we’ll have another of these moments someday, when it enters the public consciousness.


Seems that is how crypto kiddies think… Sad!


The first time I heard David speak was on the https://safecrossroads.net/ podcasts. That was really well done. And frankly, that is the kind of platform that David’s story deserves, nothing less.

When the network really gets close to launch I don’t think there will be a lack of talent to spread the word but it’s still too early to avoid another false start. Patience, more patience…


Given that most folks either don’t know about safe network or have forgotten about it, there is am opportunity to make a good splash when it is the right time.


I finally had time to listen. I’m so impressed. Just David’s visionary crypto history alone, was Fascinating to hear. Also the way Maidsafe is explained in simplistic terms is brilliant marketing for the average Joe to understand.

While listening to David’s history and explanation of this forward thinking technology, I can only think how historically significant, and transformative the SafeNetwork is going to be for the world.

It makes other crypto projects based on coins seem petty, small, and insignificant. At one point, I wanted to stand up and cheer, as a feeling of glee overwhelmed me! Luckily I didn’t, as I was driving down the highway. Onward


The audio does not work for me, is there another link that one can access it from?

I believe it is just aj mp3 file. You can download it and open locally if streaming is playing up.

IIRC you cannot download it. I tried to, thinking I might play with some filters to mute some of the music but it failed to download. never looked harder, I had too many other things to do.

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