Datt pre-launch info

Bitcoin based, open source, the platform takes a cut from payment to authors. Simple.


When you press that dot, when you highlight the dot, that’s the same thing as like upvoting on Reddit, but you’re actually paying the person bitcoin.

I wonder how this will be implemented. Flattr-style:

Users are given the choice to pay any monthly donation (provided a minimum of 2 euros) which is then split equally among websites, pages or service accounts they selected using a flattr button.

Cointip-style, or something else. I’m wondering if they make a user spend the same amount per tip (more stingy on the tips themselves), a set fee per time (unneccessary tips), or variable amount per tip (requires thinking).

I wouldn’t expect anything too fancy early on. Simple is better when on boarding new users, I think.

I always have it in the back of my mind that it’s less intimidating to have an alternative to knowing that if you don’t click the upvote, you’re saving yourself a dollar. Is that true, do you think?

I’m to the point where the (fully) open source tag is more of a red flag to me. It kinda symbolizes to me a sense that the project in question isn’t a business to service me, but some hippy activism project that puts out some god awfully technical program with god awful customer service. Though that could easily just be my own biases talking.

Also, Datt could be only mostly open source (the article didn’t flesh out that part) and my comment would then be irrelevant.

Smacz, I don’t think that’s necessarily bad: although in that case the author doesn’t make anything, they don’t make anything anyway (most blog authors, at the moment), so they won’t be worse off and at the same time the lack of upvotes will make the buck of those who do pay relatively more valuable because one won’t be able to upvote some garbage content without paying for the privilege.

Manga, all their plans, docs and code are iron github, updated in real time.


There’s already a website that exist last two years, when you click upvote, you pay small chuck of btc to the commenter. This dev did it way before reddit crypto-engineering was hired. Too bad, I forgot the name. It never took off because nobody likes the idea of ‘paying’ to upvote.

Well, that may befall Datt too, but maybe they’d try to change to a time-based approach (eg 1 minute on site 1000 satoshis, up to 0.025 BTC per site per month).

I quickly skimmed through their docs (separate repo from the code, on github) and presentations yesterday and they did mention that they may support several approaches.

Pay to upvote is just one part of it, there may be others (pay per read, or per visit). A site could be financed from tips and still charge for voting. I don’t pretend I know what will work but Datt has payments, decentralization, pseudoanonymity and some other interesting qualities that could make it work and unlike most other projects it could provide two-way communication.


This is the kind of PtP solution I have been proposing for SAFE…

I really like the idea of “pay to post”. It doesn’t really need to be much – but if you deposited a quarter or 50 cents and where refunded and perhaps rewarded if the community found your input helpful, I suspect you would get a lot more helpful posts and a lot less “I like to hear myself talk”

The community could even seed the deposit money – or dole it out at a slow pace. More content is not better, and that is often demonstrated in forums like this one.


I shared the joy in this revelation with @dyamanaka

Aaaaand how it’s relevant to the Put Incentive Model:

Read the full thread to learn more:


Launching soon, folks, with Bitcoin micropayments:

Those who curate/seed (and have tipped the author) get a share of donations to the author.

Demo of curation and payments (v0.2; the current version is 0.4.2):