Data Transfer to MaidSafe

I have a couple questions. My understanding from reading through a few things is that MaidSafe will feature storage that can be attached to applications similar to how many applications use a database. I also understand that no database would necessarily be required as the layout of this Safe data storage could serve this function. If I wish to eventually transfer an app with Data over to the Safe network what would be the best way to do this? Would any particular database be best to aid in the transition? Will there be a way to transfer existing data?


This post and thread may help

The discussion was helpful thank you Nigel. I’m afraid to ask… is there a possibility for search or is that just a limitation of the technology? My guess is that as this is encrypted that’s out… but then MaidSafe can de-crypt through the API yes? I’m afraid that may be just a bit too intensive considering the structure. Will search be possible? How would that work?

Search is possible. It was in the old roadmap but the current roadmap is more specific about updates to libraries rather than features so what there is to see about search is strewn about within forum threads. I tried searching the forum to find the right thread that explains a recent discussion in development on search that I only vaguely remember and I’d rather not answer than to give you incorrect info. But! What I can tell you is, that there is ‘public’ data and ‘private’ data. Private data is encrypted by your id crypto keys and data that you or others have made Public ( such as a website, blog, online store, anything on the current Internet) is UNencrypted. The public data may be unencrypted but is censorship resistant, ddos resistant, and resistant to other attack vectors simply because this is a decentralized, autonomous network. You and all users can be as anonymous and/or public as you want to be.