Data laws which will may little relevance soon


The UK government is rushing through data laws… better hope they get them done before Autumn!! :smile:


Obsolete institutions, suggesting soon to be useless legislation. The world is moving on from this nonsense.


It is amazing that we think we need to read everyone’s mind to control them. We cannot hold back nature, look at what happened when we tried to poison mosquito’s or build cities in deserts, nature always wins.

This sort of insanity is the very reason we do what we do and nothing gives us energy like these stories. Testnet0 here is going great 1 should be next week, we changed a big part of routing and other parts, much more efficient (less code). A couple of other nice additions to. Anyone can see the pace of code and progress by subscribing to the libs on github, there is a ton of work happening and the pace is mad, all small tidy ups though which is great.

Looks like this is going to have a dramatic impact on the world, I for one cannot wait to get to a place of freedom and then we can all see what the worlds people can do in an environment where we all speak communicate and share knowledge in freedom.

Those who cling to power via oppression will always fail, we do not need to fight them, just let them become extinct as evolution moves forward. We will however work double hard to make sure the whole world is part of this network, and they will or I will die trying to make it happen.



Censorship, secrecy and spying (domestic or otherwise) are self reinforcing and addicting. Looking at public actions of both the US and British governments there is a pattern akin to a dog’s first sheep kill.
In the US in the late 80s and early 90 came talk of Carnivor and CPUID and TIA. Finally under Bush 2 there were false flags, 50000 gag orders mainly against Federal employees and it was revealed that spy apparatus employees a million people, about as many as Wallmart. It was revealed that this stuff actually very effective and there was Cheny famously calling the CIA amateur hour. In Britain camera’s went up everywhere- blatant panoptic perfection of power.

Despite this stuff being largely crap in its own revelatory power, when revelations via Wikileaks and Snowden came out about domestic spying these Governments went crazy wanting to prosecute not just whistle blowers but foreign nationals not subject to their laws doing what their defunct medias should have been doing. When that wasn’t enough they’ve sought to prosecute their own journalist. Utterly stupid things were said by big politicians like wanting to subject Assange to capital punishment.

Buy why? Well the top incumbents can look much more frightful relative to people who could unseat them. There is the logical fear that they could dig up anything out of context and back it up with an endless stream of inside stuff. Paranoia has to also set in. Remember what Stalin did with his top officers. Remember the message sent by Petraeus being taking down by his emails. Once they think they can access it politicians will think domestic spying is a matter of personal safety. Finally there are the inflated budgets. In the US this thing has almost as many employees as Walmart (in the US.) It would probably be as hard to shut down as Walmart. One can know every little seeming data bit about a person, much more than they consciously know about themselves and still know nothing about them and have almost no predictive ability. That problem can be worse for groups.

And think of the back stabbing and protection racquet that has to go on in these environments. If you have secrets that are perceived to have value you are a threat and need dirt to protect yourself. You may write budgets that gradually put people in the double bind of having to break laws to keep their job just so you can have the dirt on people below you. They resent this and in turn do the same to you and the whole thing explodes because human minds are paranoid in a fear driven environment and socially do not keep secrets and metaphysically are open and woven together. Insight and intuition will always rip this wide open because that is what we run on any way- its not consensus. Nor is such a process likely to yield consensus.

Politician may be well aware of these issues, but how do they get rid of them. They have to have some response to “enemies foreign and domestic” and in societies that don’t work for most people where wealth and power is stupidly concentrated they want to feel they can put down natural rebellion and a tendency to topple. The best solution is true transparency, true privacy (not conflated with secrecy) and openness. These turn government and business transparent and disinfect them. These are the rehab for power addicted fear based government. Remember censorship, spying, secrecy (defacto or dejure) lead to loss of habeus corpus, torture and the loss of rights and quality of life. We are either moving toward one or the other side of the spectrum. Its a in-it-together society of trust and mutual respect a “… trust of the people tempered by prudence, or …mistrust of the people tempered by fear” kind of thing

If British firms at this point refused to accept the governments payments for spying and refused to comply with the demands of the British Government to spy and then advertised some sort of trust worthy independent verification or new layer of transparency could it be a strategic advantage that would force the competition to follow suit? I am guessing the British government, lacking the support of its own legal community, would be hard pressed to enforce its dictates on this matter. But alas it may be such a monopoly situation in the UK already that there is no competition to create the incentive for defiance. Regardless, the British government would simply find a way to keep on tapping. Here physical and market enclosure act as layers of fail safe for the wrong doing. They are self reinforcing.


I just made a new post: “This is when the Internet gets fun :)” that is along these lines.

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