Data chains: what? why? how?


It all makes me long for my own Serenity.


have a question, hypothetically, would I be able to link, on a public or private datachain my specific safe coins?

And, assuming i don’t release that permission , would the next recipient of those safecoin (not if used to pay for storage, I understand that it will then be recycled) be unable to keep that money from being traced from wallet to wallet?

Im curious because if so, it could become a way to make money temporarily traceable. If datachain tag is added to wallets, it would highlight any additional properties of said safecoin, perhaps altering their value by lessening their market acceptance. Implementing an add-on to read those tags from wallets could , if enough users adopt the blacklisted wallet, allow users who choose, to not accept money from sources they do not agree with.

So if later on, an app creates value that i don’t agree with, I can ban it from entering my wallet. And if enough users sign up to that, it could diminish the apps value, diminish its coin value etc, all, proportional to the number of users adopting the resolution. (there would be a market for tagged coins which as an aggregate could serve as a measure of impact). It would serve as a tool to incentivate or demotivate behaviours on a distributed basis, by consensus.


If you could taint coins then that would destroy the use of Safecoin as a currency, because it would destroy their fungibility, so that would be a bug.


All old safecoin owners are deleted with each transaction, unless you choose to keep a receipt (but means you pay for that).


:mask:The receipt option implies the possibility to setup smart smart contracts ?


Does a Data Chain enable the decentralized computer model in anyway? I mean programmable network or network that acts like a computer- what word am I looking for- distributed computer (really now decentralized computer)?