Data Chains Implementation Poll

Does the community think Data Chains will be implemented by the end of the year?

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  • No

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How do you make a poll like this?

Look in the menu of the reply box and choose the gear icon at the end and choose “build poll”


There is a lot already done with data chains. Memoisation as Mr Irvine puts it will be the receipt or ledger system :slight_smile: and that is in its own branch. There is stuff in there about merges and splits regarding disjoint sections but still not ported for mutable data. All in all the biggest hurdles are stable vaults and data republish which are in the home stretch imo. Node ageing is very important for security and for network efficiency and the biggest unknown is which will come first but it is quite certain that test Safecoin will be after both data chains and node ageing. Even giving a over half the year to these two things plus making things easy for devs will leave plenty of time for the farming rates and balancing tests to at least begin with test Safecoin. Of course things run late but maidsafe has expanded the team a lot over the course of months also.
Sincerely the eternal optimist :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Plus they’re working on expanding the team to almost 40 engineers. Exciting times! :grin:


This price dip is an incredible opportunity to hoard some more MaidSafeCoins.
It will be late when the hordes of disbelievers realize it is not vaporware anymore, a 10x jump will be modest.


Is Implementing Data Chains this year the same as saying Alpha 3 implemented. If so, you guys are serious optimists


Alpha 3 would mean data chains part 1 fairly well developed, however, even an early test of datachains part 1 could be counted as data chains being implemented, even if far from production ready.

Then again, you could argue that a full data chains implementation requires part 1 and 2 working, and I guess that’s looking quite unlikely for this year. They’ve been testing elements of data chains behind closed doors for a while, so who knows!


Judging timelines with SAFE is difficult, eh…

Here some very strong signals that we are all going to be surprised.

  1. The team has expanded.
  2. They are moving to a new office.

These 2 alone are huge drum banging positive signals.

  1. Marketing team is being hired.

    You only hire a marketing team once accomplishments have popped their head up from the horizon and are hurtling towards you. I can’t wait to see what the marketing team get up to.

I think good things are coming our way.

Keeping in mind the above, any price drops should be taken advantage of. Price may be doping,
but the above points are solid reasons to stay calm.

Who would sell / give away their coins at such cheap prices?

And datachains… yea, I think we’ll see significant progress.


I wouldn’t give away any coin. That’s the first rule I set up beginning of the year when I started investing meaningfully again.
Try or die trying, but do not capitulate.

In the meantime would you double down (or up) at this price ?
I wouldn’t. Not because I don’t believe in the project. I am a hardcore fan. Just because I am not convinced it would be the best timing just yet.


Datachains are the most sensitive implementation of the project for me. Way more than testsafecoins. I may be wrong but that’s how I feel. When datachains are delivered, it’s just an highway ahead.

That’s what I have been really waiting for.


Wouldn’t double down at this price. Might increase my small monthly purchase a little though around payday.

Am happy with my initial buy in - price would have to drop significantly further for any more large buy ins. Would love to see price drop further at this token stage, more opportunity to bring down my average fiat cost per coin.

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I may have been too early, but I did actually just put in my first MAID buy for a long time.:wink:

I have a feeling Alpha 3 will be here in a few weeks and MAID has way over-corrected against BTC already so meh, I took the extra punt even though I am weighed down with bags already.

Amen to that! It is a rare person who can trust in themselves and their own reasoning above all the noise. It’s not an easy thing to do. That’s why there are only ever a small number of people who make it through all the madness of a disruption bubble right the way to the big golden door at the end of it.

I think we’ll all sleep a bit easier as each bit of uncertainty is put to bed. I don’t think the market will care much until testsafecoin, but meh, who cares about them for now?! I’ll also be popping open a bottle of the good stuff when datachains are implemented :smirk_cat:


This statement has made me think a little less “soon” than I have been anticipating.


It’s extremely unlikely we will see alpha 3 without first having a few testnets IMO, and each of those takes at least three weeks from past experience. Just my opinion, but I am always right as you will no doubt have noticed lol

But we are dealing with David and his amazing team, so who knows. They are not starting from scratch on this, then again clearly it’s a significant challenge and something that needs to be done very well.


I(and I think the team too) HATE trust level concept.

It started after some DOS attack on test 8 or such.

I want to see some action! Make everyone hostile and test how it behaves. Maybe run parallel sandbox network and learn from it?

I think it’s important to start ASAP, this would increase a trust in the project IMHO.

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Without safecoin implementation, it’s obviously gonna fail in the first place…

I(and I think the team too) HATE trust level concept.

I don’t. I love it, actually. It’s akin to honor system. If you want it, you gotta earn that honor. This prevents some douche from ddosing.

This increases the trust of the project.


I agree. I am lurking this project for 2 years, reading it every day. I was forced to register and get trust level to test alpha2. Alpha should be open to anyone. I myself talked at least 10 my friends to invest into MAID, total 500k MAID, plus I spread MAID good news in few Facebook groups and talked many people from there to take Maid seriously. But non of them except me tried alpha2. It is shame. It should be much easier to use. For example sell invitation for 1 USD paid in btc or via CC. or let people verify via SMS, or risk the attack and let people play for free. It is hard to convince people to support the project when price drops and they can’t check it easily.

Would be nice but a few testnets ago some malicious person or people spammed the network and brought it down within a couple of days of launch. Unfortunately there are plenty of people who would like to see the project fail for whatever reason, so until SafeCoin is in place, which would make such DOS attacks too expensive, then some sort of limiting mechanism is necessary for protection.

Selling invites for a dollar or so is not a viable solution as any attacker with relatively deep pockets (who knows who they are?) could easily decide that a few hundred dollars is well worth the investment for the reputational damage and delay caused. Make them any more expensive and the barrier to entry would be higher than gaining trust level 1 status IMO.

That was tried, inadvertently, before. We know what happens - the network slows down then falls over. Not a good advertisement for those who want to try the Alpha!


If network can’t handle attack with $1 per account than it will be hard future. But I know how difficult it is.I know about attack. I know it postponed alpha2 for many months. I am not complaining, I know MaidSafe team is working hard. Once anyone can download and try alpha version easily I am sure people will support project much more.