Data caps - Comcast and other Isp

I was going to start farming when the SAFE network went live, but data caps are being enforced more and more. Any thoughts on how this may impact the network if users are not able to host for fear of going over their limited download/upload cap?

Comcast is enforcing 1 TB per month limit here is the US. Where I live they are the only option… 1 TB when using the Internet as your main source of 4k content is already limiting, adding to this hosting it becomes a big cost…


Unless your running safe vault (hosting data) no data is routed through you, hence it shouldnt be a problem.
Otherwise, there are firewalls and the like where you can cap the data and/or bandwidth of apps so that it’s possible to set it to a level that won’t exceed your datacap.

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That would help, but 1 TB is already not enough for my current needs. This cap just puts me out of the farming game…

I guess the alternative is a seed-box or something then.

That would be an alternative, farming will have to be profitable however, otherwise that is a sunk cost. Currently Comcast is offering unlimited for an extra 50$. Starts getting expensive if the returns on farming are low. Will definitely be a challenge if more isp go this route…

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Yeah, the sollution, albeit more long term would be to put more pressure on ISP’s to up their game. On the even longer timeline, Elon Musks satellites are going to be a thing, hah.


Yeah, this is definitely a problem for farming, from memory it has been discussed before and I don’t remember any particular solution for this right now. In the future I think meshnets would solve this problem but as I am not experienced with that I can’t say much more…

imo ISP’s are the weak point for SAFE.


I posted this some while back The power of ISP's


I suspect that one option would be to limit the drive space that is shared on the vault. If you only have a small vault running this will hopefully minimize the risk of going over your cap.

I would agree that this is a potential issue for the network. I’ve been farming Storj for the last few months, and in December alone my throughput was nearly 8TB (with only 10TB of drive space being shared). I know that the two networks are not necessarily analogous, but it does point to some possible issues. Fortunately I have unlimited data, but those who don’t could be in for a challenge.

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We’re supposed to deregulate Comcast which is a regional monopoly in many cases, but I think in the absense of competition (which the regulation has prevented) what alternative is there to their gouging. And the answer is the cord cutters like SAFE. But paracitism feels it has a property interest in our lives and doesn’t want the cords cut. On the contrary they want more arbitrary fees and discrimination to support modal ads to support top dow hierachical control of information. Their favorite model is the Comcast model of subscriptions plus ads which is what they want the internet to become: consolized cable TV. They like TV which is basically just a drown us out megaphone with royals in control.

SAFE can disrupt clear hardware and networks for a while but must transition to mesh cars, phones and IOT and make use of LiFi and cognitive radio. That gives us balance a plan of survival in the face of manipulations.