Data cacheing on Nodes

Quote from the Primer.

It also routes and caches data chunks (these are encrypted if data is private)

If public data is not encrypted then does that mean that files stored on your hdd could be visible or is the visibility protected by the shredding of uploaded data?


Data is now encrypted all the way to the client now. @JPL The primer is out of date on this.


Thanks that’s good to know.


OK thanks for letting me know. I’ll update in due course


Can someone tell me if this is still the case?

all data on the Safe Network is encrypted - the exception being small files less than 1KB in size

Presumably this is out of date now too?

There are three types of CipherOpts:
Plain - Data will not be encrypted.
Symmetric - Data is encrypted with a symmetric key.
Asymmetric - Data is encrypted using a key pair.


That’s a good question. @bochaco?

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I think somebody from Maidsafe should really go through the primer and check that everything is accurate. It was a great document, but an outdated document is almost worse than no document at all.

Soon it will exist on a network that will track it’s existence from day 1 and that story would be a great one.

Srsly, docs is on the horizon, perhaps even tech author but right now we tweak and test at a huge pace. When it works we will know what works and document that in great detail.