Data access levels who is who's not!

I was thinking using a private key to generate public key to assign those public keys to different friends agencies etc to allow access to what we the data owners say ?

Don’t know if this has been brought up yet

I apologise if I’m way off line here but i got excited with ideas when i first started to read about this project

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Oh and obviously for the public keys access can be cancelled or time restricted too

I think your proposition has failed to get a response because of missing context. Especially with the “datachains” tag.

Care to flesh it out a bit so people can get on the same page?

Check out SQRL as a way to achieve the same, using a random string (hash of a url+your own static random string (or private key)) to seed a new keypair, but sign with master key. So a separate calculable (by the master key owner) keypair per service.

I think this is what you are aiming at here, but I may be wrong.

Thank you for your replies and guidance, I am new to this. I would not know how to achieve this myself. I do understand some things but I’m still learning.

I was imaging a filing system protected by a private key which gives full access rights i.e. "Admin Rights’ then public keys generated from this private key can be assign permission, groups, levels etc and associated with a person to access to the limitations set

If you imagine each private key as say a hard drive then folders can be created and files stored and public keys generated from each hard drive like private key can be set to public, limited to a group, signal person and permissions like read, write, copy, delete and share etc