Data access from browser

Say I’m at work and I need to access a file I’ve uploaded to the SAFE Network. I can’ install the software on my work computer due to access restrictions, but I still need that PDF from my account. Is there a way to access my files from a web browser not connected to the SAFE Network software?


That’s like saying, how do I remote access to my home folder without ssh/tcp?

You have to have the safenetwork installed on your machine.

One way would be to have a portable device - your mobile, phablet, tablet or laptop - access the file there and then transfer it (eg by SD card, USB cable or email) to the work PC.

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You could maybe have a service in the cloud , running a VM and having your SNS installed there .
If you could access that VM over the Browser you’d be able to use your SAFE account , as well …

This question and @000’s answer highlights a service opportunity for someone: a gateway to access public files and websites on SAFEnetwork using a none SAFE machine/browser. The service would operate a gateway in the clearnet cloud accessed via a clear web website.

The client loses anonymity and the service would be open to all the normal security, DDoS, surveillance etc risks of the normal internet, but the publishers would remain protected and far more people would be able to access and learn about SAFEnetwork without needing to install anything.