Dashboard: @Safenetworktech Twitter Performance

Hi Folks!

As promised, this thread is to share data on @Safenetworktech’s Twitter performance. I’ll also provide commentary on how I think we can work together to further enhance these results! Together we can build awareness and boost engagement :smile:

I’ll create a separate thread for the @Maidsafe account.


I started managing the @safenetworktech account in December, and we saw a boost in engagement across the board! It was great to see the Safe Community positively reacting to the increased activity.

There are still opportunities to increase @safenetworktech’s impact. You can help enhance performance by increasing how often you like, retweet, and comment too! To make it a bit easier for you to engage, I’ll create a “Support This Tweet” thread so that you don’t have to go hunting for tweets relevant to @Safenetworktech. Please share your thoughts for enhancing engagement as well! :smile:


In general we saw strong performance in January as well! The Community also stepped up engagement too! I was particularly pleased to see more commenting going on last month. We still have room to further increase the rate at which we like, retweet, and comment. As mentioned in the post above, I’ll be starting a thread to make it easier for everyone here who has a Twitter account to engage.


Perhaps when referencing the Safe Network by name in a tweet, instead people could use the at name/Twitter handle @safenetworktech which could help boost followers and future engagement.

Also I shared this earlier which may be useful to rally behind. Insights for content amplification on Twitter by community members - #22 by Nigel

Positive results. Thanks for taking this all on Soton!


Very good work, thank you for your efforts! :sotros25:


Great work @Sotros25 !


Great idea! This is what I try to do unless I’m tweeting directly from @safenetworktech too :smile:

Totally support this too! Thanks for sharing!!


Very good, any future marketing needs good monitoring of results on how interest in social media and such evolvs. thumbs up!


Liked, retweeted, re-Vined, and re-blogged :sunglasses: In seriousness, glad to see this. Personally, I’m trying to make more of an effort than I have historically (that is to say… I’ve never historically made an effort :upside_down_face: ) to stay engaged on mainstream social media, and I think others are as well. It’s good to see empirical confirmation of that.

Yea, I think that’s a good idea. Being consistent with this is a good way to boost engagement, but also to lend legitimacy to the account. The elitism of verified accounts on twitter means there’s a bit of extra friction for generating engagement, unfortunately. I wonder how hard it is to get verified anyway…


@safenetworktech continued to see growth across the board in February. Mentions were up 43% last month, so let’s keep it going! Shout out to @nigel for tweeting February’s Top Mention!!

While follower-ship was up in February, the rate of growth is slowing. I think a burst of new energy from releasing the next testnet should help there. In the meanwhile, if you’re tweeting or commenting about the Safe Network, consider tagging your own followers (who don’t follow @safenetworktech) to get them engaged in the conversation. On the topic of crypto influencers, the Top Follower for February was Brock Pierce.

If you tweet or come across a tweet that needs community support, be sure to post a link in Like This Tweet!


March was a strong month for the @safenetworktech account. Some of this may have been due to the choice to opt to have @maidsafe retweet the account more. In April, I’m going to try and balance this, though, so both accounts can grow.

For some reason, impressions were down even though tweets were up as were profile views. I’m going to chalk this one up to the mysteries of the Twitter algorithm. In general engagement was strong this month. Thanks to everyone who consistently liked, retweeted and commented! :slight_smile:


Lol, I I misread this as we already had a Twitter running on safe :joy:

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You’re not far wrong though. MaidSafe demonstrated a simple social app at the dWeb summit in 2018 and I expect will resurrrect that or something similar as the testnets progress.

Exciting times!