Dashboard: @Maidsafe Twitter Performance

Hi Folks!

As promised, this thread is to share data on @maidsafe’s Twitter performance. I’ll also provide commentary on how I think we can work together to further enhance these results! Together we can build awareness and boost engagement :smile:

For data on @safenetworktech, see here: Dashboard: @Safenetworktech Twitter Performance


As was the case with @safenetworktech, I started managing the Twitter account for @maidsafe in December. The twitter performance for @maidsafe had been in serious decline over the course of 2020. I think this was largely due to lack of activity. Impressions declined precipitously, and followers dropped each month. Looking at the numbers from 2020, it makes sense that many people thought that the project was dead.

December 2020 saw a boost in performance across the board as people were steered towards supporting @safenetworktech.


January continued to see improving performance, with increased profile visits and mentions compared to 2020. Followers, however, continued to decline. This may have been due to people switching to @safenetworktech and/or unmet expectations regarding the upcoming testnet.

Even so, the MaidSafe account remained useful in directing traffic and attention to The Safenetworktech account.


February saw additional performance gains, with new followers increasing for the first time in over a year!


Jan,Feb 2020 ?

Nope, 2021!


March saw slower (re)growth. There was actually strong growth through the middle of the month taking @maidsafe over 51.4K followers, but the last week saw a sudden reduction. While impressions were down, profile visits were up. I tweeted less from @maidsafe, opting to retweet more of @safenetworktech’s posts.

So far in April, I’ve reverted to tweeting more from @maidsafe. Between that, the exchange listing and the testnet, April looks like it’ll be a much stronger month. There’s no way around it: more activity leads to better performance. Thanks to everyone who has consistently engaged and supported the activity on this account! Every bit helps. :slight_smile: