DARPA Is Looking For The Perfect Encryption App, and It’s Willing to Pay

DARPA Is Looking For The Perfect Encryption App, and It’s Willing to Pay

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, better known as DARPA, is looking for a “secure messaging and transaction platform” that would use the standard encryption and security features of current messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Signal, or Ricochet, but also use a decentralized Blockchain-like backbone structure that would be more resilient to surveillance and cyberattacks.

DARPA’s goal is to have “a secure messaging system that can provide repudiation or deniability, perfect forward and backward secrecy, time to live/self delete for messages, one time eyes only messages, a decentralized infrastructure to be resilient to cyber-attacks, and ease of use for individuals in less than ideal situations,”

I don’t see the need for Blockchain-like backbone to achieve that… but decentralised would be something we understand.


So how much $$$ does MaidSafe win from DARPA at launch?


Only if it comes with no strings attached

Thats what SAFE is providiving

No “time” in SAFE

Not being implemented, no self delete

Maybe something at the APP level can provide this functionality

Definitely an APP level function

SAFE will do this

SAFE is a better-than-blockchain network

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The US military should not have this. Everyone else outside the US state should. What the US needs is total transparency and a way to jail people and companies that knowingly and with intent mislead the public about matters of public interest for profit. It could chill speech but we have that now. It might harm businesses that puff- good!

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