Dan Larimer on Safe?

If you know Dan, you would take his opinion to consideration on anything.
I just wanted to share with you guys a few screenshots from EOS telegram.
I’m a huge fan of Dan projects and I’m also really suprised that multi-milionaire genius is talking to his community every day.

In my point of view Dan doesnt really know what maidsafe really is, comparing it to decentralized data sorage projects, but you can get your conclusion and share your thoughts.


I have had many debates with Dan and his father Stan over BTS and even my original PTS investments (protoshares for those who don’t know). He is a very intelligent chap granted… but he also has a bit of a chip on his shoulder. Don’t take everything he says as gospel.


Dan started with the question, “Question for the community, what is the status of Maidsafe? Is it fast? How much do they project storage and bandwidth to cost on the network?”

There is so much for any outsider to get to grips with in SAFE that the only opinions I can take seriously are ones qualified by a lot of questions in here or the dev forum.

Any pronouncements from anyone who hasn’t spent a few weeks/months doing dedicated research are worthless imo. You will find plenty of very bright people who are willing to give their unqualified opinions on all kinds of things. I have a lot of respect for Dan, he knows how to build things people actually use and he is a fantastic problem solver. If he had put in the time to research SAFE we would know about it though because we would have seen dozens of his questions on here.

I don’t think you’ll find many bright and busy people have weeks or months to dedicate to understanding something they still see as vaporware. I would not expect to find much quality information about SAFE outside of this community for now.


I also respect Dan greatly, but think he hasn’t absorbed what SAFE is about too deeply. To say the SAFE Network is “broken” is a bit odd. I can see how Storj, etc…, could be considered so, but SAFE is breaking completely new ground and is not out of the gate yet.

The question is “Will SAFE work in the wild and be good enough to do what it’s trying to do?” That is yet to be seen. We’re not to a place where comparisons can really be made yet. Those of us who’ve got a picture of its potential believe it’s going in a unique and completely revolutionary direction which, IF IT REALLY COMES TOGETHER AS PLANNED, will change a lot fundamentally.

I’m not sufficiently tech savvy to know what Dan knows. As I said, I really respect what he’s done and am excited about the potentials of EOS. But I do have this to analyze with: a couple years ago Dan visited Troon and when he left had some comments about the project which were not encouraging.

I don’t even get on the field, barely in the bleachers of his technical game, but I could tell from the things he said that his criticisms weren’t based upon a real understanding what SAFE is about. I think SAFE springs from a perspective which is sufficiently different than his view of the world that he has. That’s really okay because he is getting on with things from his perspective, which are really, really cool, but so are others, including @dirvine, et al.

Dan really IS a free market, libertarian sort of guy, which is why his vision is cool, so while he has an offhand opinion, I don’t see him trying to tell people what to think, or insisting he’s right and others wrong. “Let the market decide” seems to be his guide.


Agreed, I have spend around 1.5-2 months on this forum reading almost every topic still it seems like a lot and even sometimes goes over my head. How can anybody understand the complete concept and vision without going through all these discussions and materials. Smartness and IQ does not give experience rather speeds up the process to gain knowledge and experience.


Thanks for your response guys!

I’ve been exploring Safe for about a week and I’m really considering investing heavily and being involved someway in the project later on. The thing is I want to know everything about the project and understand it completely before I do so and I can truly trust it.


My site doesn’t have the SAFE Network School series grouped easily anymore since changing how it was hosted, but you can start here and follow them through. May help. Some things have changed and documentation hasn’t kept up, but the series should give you a pretty good thinking-map of the various functions.

The series consists of SAFE Crossroads podcast episodes 18-24, 26, 27 and 29.

[Edit: Oops, found the link. Here’s the link to the School series: SAFE Network School | SAFE Crossroads]


I have been here every day, several hours a day for nearly two years, and I still get my mind blown with new implications and misunderstood functionality on a weekly basis. It’s more of a bottomless pit than a rabbit hole.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’ll definetely check this out. Thanks!


If Dan is the genius most people think he is. He’s already heavily invested in MAID. Or is plotting for some super dooper awesome app.


It’s quite funny that he first exposes his ignorance of SAFE by comparing/equalizing it to Storj, Filecoin etc…and then follows it by saying that its"fundementally broken"…:grin:
How would you know that it’s broken when you expressively show that you don’t understand it to begin with?


Sorry to waste everyone’s time but I went to school (20odd years ago) with a posh kid called Daniel LOrimer and he looked like Delia Smith.

For that reason, I’m not going to give any respect to this guy.


I don’t know much about Dan Larimer other than he occasionally likes to pump his own projects by writing articles that aim to discredit competitors & big up his.

It’s a slightly dishonest marketing tactic he’s used in the past, and appears to be using it again.

Previously he did this with the Safe network without trying to get a real understanding first, though his aim isn’t bringing understanding but to promote his own projects by putting others down.

I’d recommend taking his biased articles with a large grain of salt.

See a previous discussion along the same lines - critique without fact checking: Bytemater - BitShares - Daniel Larimer opinion on MaidSafe


I think this is true for every commentator in this arena. There is so much money to be made if you can influence enough people that you can never be sure of the person’s motivation. The best fake comments are ones that are 80% truth because you get most on board and can bend their perceptions to benefit you.


He was on this forum once and showed (and admitted) he did not dive into all the details about SAFE. Since then a lot has changed. Maybe he did read into all the new stuff like Disjoint Sections and Nodeage but I think not. That’s ok. Alpha 2 will show the world what SAFE is all about. I don’t feel the need to convince him or others about this project.

I looked into EOS (Dan’s latest project) and actually bought coins. Think it’s a great idee. So lot of respect for that guy. And we’ll show him wrong on SAFE :wink:


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