Cyber • Fund Public Placement

Update: November 22, 2015

cyber • Fund Public Placement

We are happy to inform you that cyber • Fund starts Public Placement!

Look at conditions now:

cyber • Fund Placement

cyber • Fund, the first platform that allows users to make informative decisions on investments in cryptoassets (blockchain systems and blockchain applications), and to create and manage their investment portfolios, starts a public placement campaign crowdselling 3% of its tokens - CFUNDs - to raise money for product/market fit.

cyber•Fund is created by Genesis Agreement as a private blockchain entity and there are 1 000 000 tokens issued using Open Assets Protocol.

Why should you invest in cyber•Fund?

  1. cyber•Fund is a platform where anybody could discover everything about blockchain systems and applications. It is the first-choice platform for investors in cryptoassets, i.e. blockchain systems and applications, on one side, and developers of the blockchain systems and applications who want to attract money, on the other side

  2. cyberFund operates in a market of blockchain systems and applications with a huge potential for growth. It operates in a segment of blockchain investment services that is estimated to be more than 100k bitcoins.

  3. To earn money and become a part of a team that shapes future of the blockchain investments.

More detailed information about Public Placement could be found in cyber•Blog:

42 bitcoins sought for cyber•Fund project

Update: October 06, 2015

We are happy to inform you - cyber • Fund release real time social Portfolio Tracker of blockchain assets!

Look it now:

Try cyber • Fund Portfolio

You can try it right now:
Pubic accounts will be free forever.

Quick overview of features:

  1. Real Time Portfolio - show you real time valuation of you cryptocurrencies;
  2. Follow Favourites Cryptocurrencies - now you can track only assets that you like;
  3. Keep Records of Your Public Keys - you can keep all your public keys in one place, and share your profile with your friends or clients;
  4. Follow Best Portfolios`- to make better decision, you can follow public portfolios of other users;
  5. Share Assets by Account - you can divide your assets on accounts, to compare in what account investments grow faster or simple keep records;
  6. Table with All Your Assets - now you see what equity share of each asset do you have, you can compare or sort it and make your portfolio better.

Look real time public Portfolios of our customers:

More detailed information about Portfolio in cyber•Blog:

Read: How to Track Crypto Portfolio?

сyber•Fund makes digital investments comprehensible, accessible, easy and safe. сyber•Fund believes in a leading role of blockchain and cryptoplatforms in the future, which unite together all the existing technologies into the global Intelligence.

The industry overview could be found in Cybernetic Economy Report 2015 H1.

Ask questions and discuss everything about blockchains, DAOs, DApps, disruptive math and social consensus innovations on our forum - cyber•Talks.

Also, don’t forget that we love to tweet!

Read more information about сyber•Fund and cybereconomy in cyber•Blog.

Main Updates:

15-11-22 42 bitcoins sought for cyber•Fund project
15-10-06 How to Track Your Cryptoportfolio?
15-08-13 Do your own research with cyber•Fund
15-08-04 Cybernetic Economy Report 2015 H1
15-07-22 Releasing the Rating
15-03-07 Cybernetic Economy Report 2015

Thank you!
Konstantin Lomashuk


I’d comment, that in the photo it says “MadeSafe”

should be “MaidSafe”

Otherwise, this is very neat, and I think this is very useful.


Thank you)

I fixed it.

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@Konstantin_Lomashuk looks good. I would advice you to look at your competitors [Coinmarketcap][1] & [Coingecko][2]. I LOVE “SHOW CRAP”, “SHOW EVEN MORE CRAP”.


  • It would be nice if you have a detailed page for the 5 star rating coins. [example][3]
  • Some people would also love to see the marketcap in their local currency (EUR, CYN, CAD)
  • The price of 1 btc at the moment $ 279.95 would also be handy
  • Maybe if you point people to an exchange or only allow the GOOD exchanges to advertise on your site, it’s helpfull.
  • If you can point people to which wallet to use, you would be helpfull ([Maybe you want to contact these guys, who did an independent test][4]), Maybe you want to go as far as making a video how to set up a wallet. (teaching ppl is promoting your website)

This is more my personal take on investment advice. What happen when the price of a coin drop to $0? Does it become totally worthless? If you can show people this, I think your showing them the future. Because money, that’s currency only is totally worthless. I’ll give a example: If bitcoin would be 0 it would be worthless, Nubits is back by the dollar so it will always have a price (untill the becomes worthless. NautilusCoin is backed by gold so it can’t drop to $, SAFEcoin is backed by the SAFE Network can be used to (store data & run apps).

  • bitcoin becomes worthless because it only serves the currency function
  • Nubits does whatever it’s fiat counterpart does
  • NautilusCoin can be exchanged for gold (you have to trust a third party& ask, how easy is it to move gold?)
  • SAFEcoin is IMHO the most valuable, at $0 it can still (store data & run apps), it’s fiat price is unimportant because it function in it’s own economy, you don’t need to trust third parties to get it and it’s backed by the SAFE Network.

Another thing that I think is real important, when I give investment advice is: How many people will have access to the coin? Availability of bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies out there, is only possible through mining, exchanges and local sellers. Mining of bitcoin is impossible for normal people, exchanges are even more difficult than having a bank account for some people, local sellers can also be a problem.

With SAFEcoin every normal person can put on a computer and farm SAFEcoins, so it will be available for more people and you don’t need an exchange or third party.

Last but not least, can you use the coin in the real world? Thanks to more and more is possible.

More and more people are moving into cryptocurrencies, because they want to escape fiat and the insane bankers. My investment advice is: Look at a coin that even function at $0. Look at what a coin is backed by. Look at it, if you can use it in the real world and is it available to all? If you think the $0 theory is a joke, because it can’t happen to some coins, think about this. If fiat currency can control the price of a cryptocurrency, are we not pumping&dumping? If news can control the price of a cryptocurrency, are we not pumping&dumping? When a crypto functions without news, fiat currency, third parties and is backed by assets, we’re talking about the investment advice that you should give.

I LOVE “SHOW CRAP”, “SHOW EVEN MORE CRAP”. that sounds so hardcore
[3]: MaidSafeCoin Price in USD: EMAID Live Price Chart & News | CoinGecko


I think it is very good Konstantin, but why not put a single advertising banner at the top?, no one is going to be upset with a single banner for a site with good content…
Many Thanks for the efforts, I will use it and leave comments when I have them…

Thanks for the feedback!

We don’t feel CMC and CoinGecko as competitors! We aim to make a switch from informational services to investments services.

It is next milestone and it should be much more interesting in comparison with existing solutions.

Will be implemented in MVP

Don’t understand. We have BTC ticker in the top right corner

Exactly what we implementing now

We don’t want to harm beautiful user experience with low quality ads. There are a bunch of ways to monetize cyber•Fund investment service, but that is not our goal at the moment. We want to make our service useful first.

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Shouldn’t you use SafeCoin instead of SafeNet for the currency name?

Same for “The price of 1 SafeNet is…” should be “The price of 1 MaidSafeCoin is…” now and changed to “The price of 1 SafeCoin…” later.

Anyway congrats for the site…looks great and 3 out of top 5 coins are long term investments for me too :smile:


Thank you AI, for your advice.

The answer is simple, Users don’t like advertising banners. The main goal is to build the service that Users will love, so we need to build it first and after we will find a good way of monetization.

You are right) It’s a good question.

Each system in our rating has System name (f.e. SafeNet) and digital token name of that system, that can change(f.e. now MaidSafeCoin than SafeCoin), but it’s not ready yet. We will fix it soon)

But people can’t see the price of 1 Maidsafecoin, 1 Ripple or 1 Bitshares yet on your site. If you could also show your users the prices of different exchanges and some how weave an refferal link in, when they make a purchase on that exchange. You could at least monetize a bit.

I think it’s also super important to give people extra info about Ripple. I’m to lazy to look it up, but Ripple now also have the power to reverse an transaction. With all the problems that people have been having in Cyprus & Greece, it’s good to inform them that Ripple can do the same as their bank.

Btw your labels:
** System ↓ Rating Token Trade Cap in Ƀ 1d Change Cap in $ 1d Change **

Are all static, this is what I sometimes use to quickly see stuff on Coingecko and CMC. Like the coin with the highest price, which coin has the highest percentage growth.

It’s maybe also logic, to give your users info about investments on places like Koinify and

Good luck

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In fact they can, but in popup.

We’ve decided to not put the price as it oversaturate rating with data.
The price will be displayed in portfolio view for assets you own. Does that make sense for you?

Thanks. Will be implemented, but later.

Agree. Will think how to solve it.

Wait a bit. So much what we want to implement!

That is what Radar is all about.

Thanks for you thoughtful feedback!


I believe the network is known here and elsewhere as the “SAFE Network”. Calling it “SafeNet” adds confusion and is not what Maidsafe wants the network to be called. Also, why is it not called “MAID” if it is referring to the currency of the network? (The name will change when launched but for now that is what it is called).

EDIT: Great site by the way, very clear and helpful :smile:


Just fixed)

Thank you for your comment :smile:

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@Konstantin_Lomashuk I just went through the site more throughly and would like to emphasize, what a great user friendly site, very clear and laid out. Seems very easy to use and an excellent source for finding out current crypto currency prices and even more! A lot of tutorial posts on your blog! Great infographics! And even more on your reveal. A lot of information there for the uneducated user. Great job & best of luck!


Thanks for your feedback. That is very important for us to understand that what we do useful not only for us! Don’t hesitate to ask any question and suggest improvements!

@21xhipster I was just taking a look at cyberfund.reveal there. While I myself I like your candor I’ve found that it is generally considered unprofessional to use profanity. So while the fact you’re getting straight to the point is appealing you might want to consider using slightly different vocabulary as to avoid putting off some more linguistically sensitive folk that might want to use your site.

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Yay, let’s make everything politically correct! That’s the way to solve problems, hide them behind flowery circuitous language!
Screw that. Just say what you mean. Mean what you say.


Meh works for me. I just don’t want to see you get flattened by the less honest and open minded.

Thank you for your feedback)!
We will improve it and change vocabulary, as soon as we present methodology behind the cyber•Rating.

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Update: August 10, 2015 Cybernetic Economy Report H1