Custom/Turnkey SAFEnetwork farming hardware


@neo exactly my first thoughts on seeing the pics

Having said that. I’d be keen on aversion with different antennae positioning.


I’ll get photos out as soon as the casing is re-arranged. Current plan is to have 3 for 3x3:3 MIMO: Back/center, left/front right/center (the antennas are on an arm that is usually bent 90 degrees. Here’s part of the reason we’re selling now: Feedback.

If you have thoughts/suggestions, I’m thrilled to have a listen :).







This is something that really should be a thing as the SAFE network begins to show signs of maturity. The concept of many, many diffuse nodes is clearly much more resilient than centralized large nodes. Here’s the hardware that I can help to facilitate:

  • Intel-Based Router with Custom Firmware ($500/ea, somewhat less in bulk)
  • Low-spec, low-price, high-quality ARM router (quality: it does what it claims to, and does so well) (less than $100, and these get very attractive in volume)
  • Intel-Based Xeon-class router with custom firmware (~$5000/ea, somewhat less in bulk)
  • Dev boards - every breeed
  • Custom hardware development - Rockchip, allwinner and Intel.

IN the end it’s going to be a lot of projects, working together, to make the web a commons and a safer place. I’d love to help.