Custom/Turnkey SAFEnetwork farming hardware


I suspect most people may prepare a prepared docker image with everything and just run it on computer uless you are using dedicated hardware.


Listed on along with a bunch of others…wondering if @dirvine has come any further with his micro tinkerings.


Cool machine, thanks for linking!


Me too. And am very keen to see what @faddat is doing.


@dirvine, I have received a couple of those C.H.I.P. 9 dollar computers yesterday and today it took 5 minutes to download the ARMV7 vault binaries and get a vault running on one of them.

Power requirements is less than 5 watts (could make it half if I went completely headerless and removed the USB keyboard/mouse

Been running now for a while and routing table has gone up/down and is currently 42.
User Get 484/484/0
client GET recv 67


Yes this is what really interests me. Iot type device size. You should check out unikernels and rust. I Think there is an opportunity for a safe_vault unikernel running on bare metal ARM which would be incredibly secure and even more resource friendly.

They can pretty easily run on xen, such as but bare metal is a more interesting use case here I think.

In any case really great to see this. Nice one !!!


Thought it might.

Its running Debian with their kernel.

Have to look at that unikernel. Last I played with a *nix kernel was back on a PDP 11/45 & 11/03 and the *nix was Bell Labs Unix. Those removable 14" single platter hard drives in them was “modern technology” in those days. Had to toggle in the boot loader into some core memory if it became corrupt or wanted to change to/from RT11 OS

The removal was the platter, not the drive :slight_smile:


With vault access opening later this month has anyone got any further news on a turnkey system?


Bump, not seen anything on this for a while.
@faddat are you still working on something? I’d be the perfect test customer for you, ill be happy to buy some of what you have, If I can use it, anyone can use it.


Yes, I am. Here it is:

The e-com is not yet set up, but I’ll gladly take orders in MAID. I’m also testing out other form factors. I want to help SAFE achieve ubiquity :).

Let’s build decentralization technologies for the joy of it!

#91 ???


your link is not working for me either


updated the link. Sorry about that.


我對這個議題很有興趣,希望能知道更多 謝謝


So is this plug n play SAFE farming? Doesn’t look like it.



It is if you ship it with the right software :slight_smile:


I looked at you site. Will I need Linux to set up your router or will there be a web interface?


There will be a web interface that allows you to both run your router and your node easily. If you wanted it today, then you would just get hardware and a webui for a router. That said I have a systemd unit built for the safe network, so that should run autonomously regardless.


@faddat, meant to ask earlier.

Has anyone done any analysis of the RF waves? Just the aerials seem too close together for effective power emissions



You’re absolutely correct. That’s being addressed and it’s not likely we’ll ship more with the current design.

If you see anything else you think should be improved, please tell us. We listen.

Now, with that said, we’d still sell the current design if someone wanted to buy it, and we think it’s far better than anything else like it, flawed antenna design or no. The end result of this project was something a lot better than a router-- it is instead a router and a distributed systems access and developer endpoint.

We’re selling now basically because our competition’s product is so flawed it’s nearly hopeless. Router manufacturers take neither good security practices nor good network standards compliance seriously, and the world is worse off for it. The bar these days, is really, really low. We might not be the best possible design yet, but we’ll get there by including our users in our development process and helping them build businesses on open hardware and software systems.

While our focus is on enabling distributed systems, it seems that enabling the Safe Network to grow healthily by providing lots of NAT-less nodes dovetails nicely with “enabling distributed systems.” Because of this, we’ll be shipping a ROM that gets the latest vault code and attempts to join the latest network, or a user-selected network.

Over time we plan to introduce both more and less expensive products, as the market dictates. What we sell will always be the best we know of in its price and performance characteristics.