Custom/Turnkey SAFEnetwork farming hardware


You will have plenty of TB’s available on 1,000’s of NAS’es all over the planet :smiley:
Mine is just standing here in my office doing nothing :wink:


Agree totally! Me and some friends are also waiting for the Synology app. :raised_hands:
But we will see. First things first, right?!


Well, I guess that´s the point. No question that headless devices are important, I was just considering the marketing factor. Since it is (I guess) still a lot of time until the network is up and running in a way that would make this a relevant solution it was rather a question out of interest.


Is the SAFE Network a GODgive for internet Cafe’s? They already got the hardware running, so why would they not become farmers? it’s not bitcoin mining so…

Maybe we need a how to do farming video


do they have ressources? I don´t see why icafes should have huge hard drives.


@dirvine My personal preference would be for it to involve Debian, due to their Social Contract with the Unattended upgrades package installed.

Are you thinking some kind of web interface? I’d been thinking it would be nice to get the Freedombox team to include it in their Plinth web interface,which seems to be gaining momentum. It would give users some useful tools for managing their device, and some easy options for installing stuff like Owncloud or Media servers.

This would work for Beagle Bone, Cubietruck, Pi or many other devices supported by Debian.



This would be a perfect little earner for net cafes.

Videos, written tutorials all need to be done.


Even if they have a few gigs…


You’re in luck then, jessie is the base image :smiley:


I would support this with my wallet… very happy to do so!


Sometimes places like that only have a single internet line, despite their many, many computers.


Do we have any idea what a minimum-ish spec is for running MaidSAFE well? I’m going to Shenzhen next week…


Well you could assume David thinks this will be enough (not to say less will work too)


The fact that David thinks the Beaglebone Black can run on a node, is vastly different than whether or not it’s the most cost-effective or efficient.

As of now, nobody knows what kind of bandwidth the network will require from each node. We don’t have any data on whether there will be network spikes, how much data each node personality requires, how much hashing power is required per file serve/store.

I’m willing to bet you can run a SAFE client on just about any device, but the practicality comes into play very quickly of resource limits.


Exactly. Allow me to explain:

I’m going to Shenzhen with the intent of doing custom hardware for a project of mine. It also happens to have a high (2gb) RAM requirement. I am more than happy to add to my order, but I need to hear from folks regarding what it is they want, and then I’ll see if it can be synthesized with what I’m doing, has the volume for an independent order, or what.


Sounds interesting!

Could you open source your hardware? Or are you restricted by other commercial agreements?

My guess is accessing drives quickly will be important, so SATA or USB 3…


Mind exploding with the possibility of all the currently inactive PBs of storage that will be leveraged for people to earn a little extra cryptocash…


Some of the stuff I have access to, I can open source, and some of it is protected under various agreements. I am tending towards taking a calculated risk. The best platform I am aware of today in terms of price/performance ratio is Allwinner H3 / H64. They do a pretty genius integration of components that are usuaully outside of the SoC into the SoC to reduce manufacturing compelxity, which in turn reduces the already low cost of a compute platform from Allwinner.

If I did that, the hardware design (PCB) can be open sourced, BUT the SoC will always (most likely anyway-- anything is possible, right?) have a highly encumbered GPU. The other caveat on the H3 platform (and the part that makes choosing this platform a calculated risk) is that the Ethernet driver is still being completed.

If the community, wants, I’ll manage this as an open proejct and see it through. I’d really like to get feedback on the choice of SoC, here’s what we’ve got to choose from, in general:

  • Allwinner H3 (ethernet patch is in, YES!!!)
  • Rockchip 3188
  • Rockchip 3288 / 3688
  • Intel Atom

…with h3 being the cheapest of the three I’ve listed here. Personally, I am not restricted by any commercial agreements of any type. I can’t give you the exact CPU specs, but no one can, and lucky for us the guys at Linux-Sunxi have gotten H3 working quite well, just like the guys at Linux-Rockchip have done 3188 and I think the guys at Intel and the core linux dev team have done for x86_64.




Am definetely interested in what you are doing mate!

I have no idea what would work but essentially I am after something that I can run to farm safecoin straight off the shelf. I am not that technically minded but what I would have gone with was something like a single board computer with a an OS, potentially a screen of sorts and of course storage or a mini pc of sorts. The main thing for users like me would be that the instructions are clear and bonus would be if it comes pre-installed. So maybe you may have to even look at offering a re-pack service but i’d be willing to pay for that.


There is definitely a market for a simple plug in and go vault. Someone, probably more than one IMO, will provide this. It will be much much bigger than bitcoin because Safecoin farming economics work in favor of small home systems compared to bitcoin mining, so I’m sure it will happen on a large scale. We know MaidSafe see it as an opportunity, but they are too busy and need to focus, but others will see it too.

I probably won’t do it, because I know what is involved and would rather do things, but I have no doubt others will.