Current technical documentation for safe network

I have reviewed the white papers and other documentation for the SAFE network. The technical parts (read equations) seem to have changed over the years (not surprisingly). I am not sure what is current and there seems to be many missing details. I could not put together a reasonably thorough document covering the basics. Self Encryption is almost completely covered (small files are a little lacking). For account creation, login, logout, details of the DHT system and Data Atlas etc. I could not find what I was looking for. These are core issues that define the integrity of the system so people can review its level of security. I could not find enough that lays out the process in decent detail.

I would be happy to assist in creating such a document. My current document is only 5 pages long. I cannot find more information to complete it. I will start look into the code files to try to extract the information.

Can anyone help me out here?
Does MaidSafe need someone to continue the technical documentation effort?



David said that due to constant change in the code, these pages were the best resource as they hook into GitHub.

I’ve been working on some documentation that explains how the safe network functions using only the source code as a primary source. It’s a work in progress; have a look at how it currently stands.

I’d be happy to help with any work you do, or collaborate with you on the work I’ve started.

Also @smacz has had a lot to do with the safe network wiki, he’s a good person to talk to about documentation.



Thanks for the link. That is great reference for code research. Not exactly what I am looking for. I am trying to see the math at a level similar to the “ManagedAuthentication.pdf” level.
I am not quite ready for what you have provided yet.
I was looking at using and IDE for viewing the source. I am partial to VS2013. VSCode looks interesting as an editor to view the source. I have very little experience with eclipse and find the learning curve a bit much. I use VS regularly for C# and VB (ugh).

Thanks for replying and providing the link. It is really appreciated.
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That is an ambitious project you have started. It will probably be difficult to maintain since the code is still changing, though probably mostly in detail and not so much in general at this point.
Thanks for the link. I will keep it in the list of documentation to check.

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Yip @wtw you are spot on and this is an area we have identified that needs improvement and the community will play a huge part here - I am in the process of collecting a list of folks (I have yet to reach out to them) that have stated an interest in improving documentation or are in actual fact doing it. I hope we can co-ordinate efforts and work together to save any doubling up on work.

@hillbicks has proposed a project plan and strategy document and I shall share that with the folks that are interested in contributing in this area as a good starting foundation to get their input and build upon it and get some coordinated momentum going in this much needed area - you will hear from me soon - thank you :slight_smile:


Yes, I feel it’s probably too ambitious but I’m learning a lot by pursuing it so will see how it goes.

Is your current documentation anywhere online? I’d be interested in having a read.

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No, it’s not online, but I can Email either a Word doc or PDF to you. Your choice.
I sent a copy to Andrew (smacz). He thought it was a good thing to work on, though it is just a beginning. He summarized the effort clearly:
"what I’m seeing is that you wish to focus mostly on the mathematical proofs of the Network and representing those purely as formula, etc. Sweet."
I’ll send you a message request.

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