Curiosume turns resume into cryptography

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Another easier video:

and more at

There’s a lot I like about this… but from the little I’ve seen, it does appear very knowledge focused.

In business there are three distinct skill sets - productive; management; and administrative - and those I would suggest relate to knowledge; experience; and wisdom. Organisational experience and ability to communicate and act for the best long term outcomes, are also important. So, not just knowledge… but moving beyond the current form of resume/CV is very attractive… especially given that I’m struggling to find a job atm … recruitment agencies are a good way to deaden a process of finding a good employer.

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It looks awesome but I can tell you right now they need to make the interface more straight forward before it’ll be picked up by employees and employers en mass.

The founder (@TIP) of this is/has been on the forum :smile:

Thanks for the comments. The best video - our “whitepaper” is here: - YouTube

There are two more parts. One is called The Value Game (TVG) and the 3rd is called the WIKiD tools algorithm. These will hopefully answer questions about Wisdom, innovation, etc. Both are dependent on Curiosumé so that’s where we are focused.

TVG is a multi-agent algorithmic game that would use Curiosumé data to scale. We are pioneering adjudicated Smart Contracts in the Construction industry using TVG. Let me know if you are interested in this effort (called

We are looking toward Maidsafe rather than Blockchain for flexibility, P2P, and modeling. WIKiD tools is a 5-order diff EQ that measures into existence the fact of Wisdom, Innovation, Knowledge, information, and Data (WIKiD) that will underwrite the next viable currency.

If this resonates with you, please contact me. This will not happen without your help (and WIKiD :slight_smile:


TIP Good job. I heard about you from the Bitshares community and decided to promote your excellent work.