Cubbit distributed storage

I’m getting all the distributed storage adverts now.

Another centralized decentralized project.

The location of each chunk is established by an AI coordinator that sits on Cubbit’s proprietary servers

… and if their proprietary servers go down?

You have to buy their box!!! HAHAHAHAHA If you want extra storage you need to attach an external hardisk - slick marketing but im not buying.

SAFENet uses existing devices, and rewards you.

I’m not sure what the incentive here is… but maybe we could put together a slick video too…

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Should we comment on the youtube video, people are pointing out weaknesses that SAFENetwork solves.

If you want more netork storage on Cubbit you have to buy and plug in local physical storage… for example.

One other person is asking for running it on a Pi — but that goes against their business model. hahahaha A link to the test net here running a Pi should excite that user.


I guess we are the fancy fictional tech…!!! LOLOLOL

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

This is where we comment with the cameo…