Cubbit - Decentralised cloud

I found this interesting

I’m not going to rush out and buy one, but a lot of people have

Maybe a hardware/kickstarter Safe offering should be considered.

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No need for a kickstarter since someone on the forum has already designed a router that can double as a node. Sorry I cannot remember who/where at the moment (likely in the best hardware topic), need my morning coffee first.

Basically though any small computer or computer stick can be a node and its simply loading the software with the OS when supplying the stick/small computer.

It certainly would be a good marketing scheme to be able to supply these devices with a range of storage devices. (eg 256GB memory stick/SD card) for less than $100. EDIT: I would suggest in the first instance it is small businesses that do this and not Maidsafe since they will still be busy. Maybe a little further on they could start up a “department” that packaged these up and sells them.

Then it could sit in the TV as a netflix player and node all in one 24/7 and draw as much power as an old charger (couple of watts).


It is black box that is not open source. This a no go for the reliability of the service.

Also, I don’t like their central coordinator server because it is central point of failure. They can close It whenever they think the service is not profitable anymore. It could be also the target of some external attacks.

@moderators : I propose to close this topic for promoting a centralized solution.

Edit: I changed my mind, don’t close the topic.

I am thinking now that maidsafe could sell such a device by bundling a vault and a client with an invite key. No need to wait for the full network with safecoins. The put balance would be 1/8th the capacity of the vault.

It is less advantageous than Cubbit but it is open source and truly decentralized.

This topic could discuss the delivery of such by-product in advance of the full network.


I’ve not read everything, but I read in the faq:

We are seriously considering to go open source since it is in line with our vision. However, given the effort it would take to plan it in the best way, we are concentrating our forces on building the product at the moment.

Of course it is wait and see if they will go open source effectively.
It is mainly black and rather boxy however :wink:

Ps. I think I saw this open source Open HW routers on Fosdem: A Turris Omnia can do more tasks, maybe running a vault?

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