Cryptoplatform Duniter & Cryptocurrency IOTA

I thought Safecoin would be first and only to deliver a scalable coin.

But today I learned that both IOTA and Duniter, the latter despite relying on the blockchain, have beat “us” (I’m a newbie here) to the bush.

This raises the question whether these two coins(’ technologies) can be integrated into Maidsafe.

I know very little about IOTA, except that it uses a directed acyclic graph and doesn’t support smart contracts.

I’m most interested into getting Duniter into Maidsafe.
Duniter provides a Universal Basic Income in cryptocurrency form to the world and it’s evident this needs to be done safely.

IOTA still relies on the coordinator (for the next year at least) and it is essentially centralised until that is turned off, it also still requires PoW and txs will never take place in less than 1 minute. It is feeless (because you do the PoW yourself) and it does indeed scale. IOTA will certainly be capable of smart contracts - ask in their slack about oracles, I’m sure someone there can fill you in better than I.

I don’t know much about Duniter.

SAFE is about much more than scalability or currency though… freedom, privacy and security, for everyone.

A resource-based economy with a burnable utility as fuel, the monetisation of spare resources, censor resistance etc. I don’t see these other projects as direct competition for SAFE: although they may be headed in similar directions and they may indeed overlap and compete more directly in future.


Me neither. I didn’t tag it as “Related Projects”.

My post was more about

“Look at these interesting cryptocoins.
Who would to help me putting these into MaidSafe?”

Ah ok, I thought it was more “look at these coins that beat SAFE to the punch”.

Apologies if my response missed the mark.

I don’t think IOTA is really all that interesting in relation to SAFE. Public ledgers are all a little over-hyped, even if they scale and shift the incentives. I’ve followed it since the crowdsale. I think it is an interesting evolution for blockchains, but I’m not sure if it is complimentary tech.

Perhaps Duniter is more appropriate for a post-SAFE world, but you’d have to find a way to integrate value in another coin, since SAFEcoin is a fundamental incentive mechanism. So really, you could probably do all you need to right now for UBI with DLT tech.

Perhaps UBI projects will appear on SAFE in the not-too-distant-future. I’m not convinced that any centrally managed solution to wealth distribution will end up working, but I prefer UBI to the welfare state and I’m all for experimentation :wink:

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They’re beating SafeCoin’s main advantage to the punch,
changing it’s main advantage “Everyone will use it immediately because it scales better.” to “It runs on the SAFE Network.”.

Alpha 2 is in the not-too-distant-future.
If all it requires to put Duniter into Maidsafe is writing a plugin or a copy-and-paste of the code and a few tweaks here and there, then I say “let’s do that first before merging technologies which will cost at least months.”.

I disagree with that. I don’t think that scalable currency was ever SAFEcoin’s main selling feature. Everyone will use it because it is useful and they have to use it to interact with the SAFE network. Everyone will be able to use it because it scales, but scaling alone is not enough to make everyone want to use anything (including IOTA, BTC etc).

Not sure what you really mean by this, but that’s a job for Duniter, not Maidsafe isn’t it? You can’t ‘merge’ the tech, not unless I’ve totally misunderstood what Duniter is?! If Duniter want to try to launch their basic income idea on SAFE network I’m sure that would be fine, but it is not the kind of thing one could integrate with what maidsafe are doing. If you think it can be integrated then you’ll need to be more specific about how… :confused:

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Duniter is not going to do it, so why not a Maidsafe app dev?

Why not?
Are you telling me that apps made in Maidsafe are so different that any code produced for Clearnet is rendered useless?
Are you a Maidsafe dev?

I have no plan yet. I want to have a website working on it first, then play around with Maidsafe’s API, then try and make a small easy application that hasn’t been done yet, but is necessary and then I’ll try and tackle this issue if it hasn’t been done already.

? Why would maidsafe have anything to do with Duniter? Why would they want to integrate it and how would they do that? I can’t see any incentive or means for what you are suggesting? Also, what do you mean by an App dev? Do you mean non-staff community member who is making their own app? Would would a Maidsafe App dev want to work on the Duniter Project if they are already working on their own App?

Because as I said in the earlier post, SAFEcoin is a fundamental incentive mechanism, it can’t be issued like a UBI or none of the rest of the economic design would work.[quote=“folaht, post:7, topic:14496”]
Are you telling me that apps made in Maidsafe are so different that any code produced for Clearnet is rendered useless?

Nope, anyone can port or rewrite their code to work on SAFE, Duniter can do that if they want. I still can’t see any reason for anyone at maidsafe core or any of their App devs to have anything to do with Duniter?[quote=“folaht, post:7, topic:14496”]
Are you a Maidsafe dev?

I’m not a dev of any description, but I know Maidsafe quite well, having followed the project very closely for 2 years. I certainly can’t see any fit or mix between a UBI proposal and SAFE apart from the fact that they can port their project to the SAFE network at a later date if they want… I expect everything on clearnet will be able to operate on SAFE if they want, even if some of them have to change their business model to make money doing so.

If no one is going to do it, I will.


That’s a great attitude and I hope many others are equally self-motivated for the ideas they feel passionately about. :grin: