CryptoBeadles interview of Dug Campbell


I fact Parsec will not be involved in the download speed of immutable data. The idea of the network has always been “Fast GETs and secure PUTs” and the use of Parsec could be limited to those operations in which the state of the network is modified or some data must be secured.


Yes Video Apps will be the big bright star for SAFE. Of course I assume the APP writer uses the ability of SAFE and buffers intelligently.


Great answers, thanks for the info! I’m beginning to understand the raw power of the network. Very cool.


If the network does what it says on the tin i.e. an instant network (on par with what’s available now) that provides complete anonymity, it will be a worldwide phenomenon


SAFE may not be as instant on the very first chunk requested as a good server on the current internet.

But then again as companies load down their servers in an attempt to save money SAFE could even end up on PAR even with the initial lag time for the first chunk.


The initial lag… ball park speaking, we talking 10 second lag? Or less? Or more? I understand it could be impossible to estimate but if it was a 10 second lag each time a person loads / refreshes pages, it would struggle to gain mass adoption I believe.


Maybe a few hundred milli seconds to possibility 1 second for bad cases.

Yea, I know some servers on the internet take a long time, but SAFE does not suffer the “server loaded down” syndrome.


The nice thing here is there’s incentive to be fast (safecoin reward). The question mark about that is if it will incentivize running VPS nodes over nodes at home.


Yes, but fast in whose perspective? A VPS node in USA might be slow compared to a home vault in Europe running on typical fast home connections (100Mbps to 1000Mbps) for a particular chunk, but the other way around for another chunk. The VPS still suffers from lag time to the majority of the section, just like the home vault does as well. And this lag time can mostly be many times the response speed of the vault.

For instance if the home vault takes 30mSecs to respond and the USA VPS vault takes 10mSecs but the majority of the elders are in around Europe (or China, or India, or Australia), then the home vault in Europe will win hands down, even though its three times slower.

If I read the figures correctly there are more homes in Europe with access to very fast home internet compared to the whole population of the USA. It seems that the USA is becoming the home of the slow home internet. Even Aussie land is getting faster.


Just got chance to listen to this. It was a good introduction and I hope it has reached out to an audience who are new to the project.