Crypto site Breaker Mag


Just stumbled upon Breaker mag, a new site focused on crypto and decentralisation.

At the end of this article:

We’re always looking for more decentralized web services we should cover, so if you want to put a certain project on our radar, let’s talk.


Calling @dugcampbell and co :slight_smile:


Thanks @JPL - I’ve seen a few articles from them (most recently this classic :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Think they’re owned by SingularDTV from memory. Will add them to the list!


Yeah looks like it. Enjoyed that article - truly a cruise from hell. I’d nick a lifeboat and be out of there asap. I realise I linked another article from that mag a while back (memory’s not what it once was…) A Critical Look at Sovereign Identity Startups again questioning the choice of blockchain as the foundation for managing ID.