Crypto Quest Podcast: An Interview with Dug Campbell From MaidSafe

In this episode of the Crypto Quest podcast we catch up with Dug Campbell, Head of Marketing & Outreach at Maidsafe to talk about their project that is reimagining the very fabric of the internet itself.

We explore:

*      The problems current internet infrastructure poses its users.
*     How the SAFE network works.
*     The role that vaults and clients play on the network.
*     The SAFE Browser.
*     Why Blockchain isn’t and can’t be the solution that powers the SAFE Network.
*     MAIDSAFE’s consensus algorithm PARSEC.
*     The relationship between MAIDsafecoin, launched in 2014 and SAFEcoin, the currency native to the SAFE Network.
*     The Maidsafe road map and what to expect next.

Just listened to the end. Very nice interview @dugcampbell and kudos to the interviewer too. He came off as really knowing what he’s talking about - not always the case in cryptospace!


Absolutely agree, one of the best without a doubt.