Crypto Ban Bill & US Debt spiral

US congressman working to ban crypto purchases … IMO, this push to ban crypto purchases and the coming US debt spiral are related.

US debt spiral five years away according to the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Debt Management:


All of this bodes very well for the Safe Network and Safecoin … as it’s not just a currency, it’s a fully autonomous, anonymous network … so take downs will be impossible.

For this and many other reasons, I’ve always believed that Safecoin is the global currency of the future.


Isn’t the US smart enough to prepare for all contingencies?

Okay, so they are pushing for a ban… but what if they fail? They should hedge by buying crypto, especially SAFECoin.

1,000,000 SAFECoins can be bought for about $200,000 … even now, done slowly, I think there is enough time to accumulate this without moving the market too much.

$200,000 is nothing for the US or most other governments.

Any country with financial issues, should look in to buying SAfECoins and sit on them, but understand the technology first.

I’m sure there are some government spooks and techies who are aware of the possibilities of Safe Network and coin … but the vast majority would just dismiss it as they don’t understand economics well enough themselves to grasp why it’s different from other crypto’s. The bankers themselves control a lot of government activity and they have a deep need to control the money used by a nation - so they, if they were aware, would be deeply frightened by the possibility of everything Safe.

All up I think they will be caught completely off guard - just as they were with bitcoin … until Safecoin though they’ve thought of all crypto as blockchain and hence limited by that blockchain. So it’s all going to come as quite a shock to most of them IMO.