Crust Test v2 (concluded)


I’m around a 70% success rate now. Still not bad. UDP HP is connecting the best.


Why the dashboard total count seems to be stuck in 913 connections? It’s been that more than an hour, really no change there?


It needs F5 or Ctrl+F5, sadly.


Need to refresh the data manually I’m afraid - big button at the top-right or F5 (probably… don’t know what browser/OS you are on).


No, but I have been refreshing. Do you have the same number?

Edit. Oh, the big red button did the trick, browser refreshing did not.


I’m showing (currently) 2014.



now after another refresh = 2341


Have you set a filter, like O.S. = MacOS?


Was about to add that but saw the Edit that @Toivo made to the “refreshing” post.
Panic over methinks.


:grimacing: am I the only one crashing on osx?

Quick test before going to work, I’ll retest tonight, but:

macbook pro
High Sierra 10.13.6



What 100% Success Rate means?
I’m able to connect to 100% of nodes or 100% of nodes are able to connect to me?



  • Browser refresh (F5) doesn’t update the test data for me
  • After “red button refresh” the filter by user drop down menu didn’t show my earlier alias (Toivo), only the newest one Toivo_here_again_nice_to_shake_hands_with_you_all.

Then after one more browser refresh all the aliases were back there.


Wow, getting quite a lot of peers and awesome success numbers considering I’m behind quite a terrible unconfigured NAT.
Feels great to be able to be a tiny part of this. SAFE Network for the win :grinning:

Obviously routers and their settings matter a lot
This is all forwarded DMZ:

Same network + router no forward vanilla settings: 32%
Different network/account + different router no forward vanilla: 58%

Awesome stuff, will run client until end of testing :hearts:


Connected! Succes rate 65%. Thanks for supporting Ubuntu 16.04 this time :grinning:


Hours later and still at 100% - looks like it’s the new direct connections that have been the main boost for me compared to the last test.


Why one occasion I was able to connect to a user and then on other occasion, after restarting the client, the connection to this same user fails?

All fail



100% direct connections :+1:

Successful connections: ["dwg74 (fb7dc9..)", "Vort (61f438..)", "GMason (031f3f..)", "AllNamesRefused (e4d436..)", "Warz (bcc5d6..)", "Arcturus (b04c3c..)", "SiggiD (473ac7..)", "traktion (0f5568..)", "Miguelo (a2884a..)", "ssd (983ebd..)", "davidpbrown (3d9220..)", "joop77 (457d1f..)", "Salvorin Fox (461067..)", "johnsnow (494167..)", "mrmagpie (27fb5d..)", "Toivo_here_again_nice_to_shake_hands_with_you_all (e91d5a..)", "Conmohawk (a126a9..)", "Quetzalcoatl (754e93..)", "nevel (dca938..)", "crusty6 (611420..)", "Stephan5 (2010f9..)", "oetyng (ad41f5..)", "bochaco2 (49bb92..)", "Paint (4f328e..)", "kip (6611ae..)", "dimitar (21471e..)", "3133c8..", "utopia (92f650..)", "tobbetj (f4560b..)"]

Failed connections: [“e1d200…”, “625feb…”, “66a12c…”, “Salvorin Fex (0c7f14…)”, “rid (2cbb09…)”, “JPL-linux (db7c6d…)”, “Sascha_PiaVPN_Sweden (746cd4…)”, “34ec73…”, “nevel_vm_nat (4c3218…)”, “nullus (6cb412…)”, “jeremycorbyn (c60821…)”, “Karel network 1 (6b86b1…)”, “cd5e3f…”, “Darius (fbeefa…)”, “savage (20cada…)”, “Michael_Hills (00a91d…)”, “73b58b…”, “scottefc86 (77c283…)”, “Salvorin Fux (b153ef…)”, “TK (e67d12…)”, “Salvorin Fix (52e639…)”, “Hunter-Oakland-CA-USA (9092fe…)”]

"jeremycorbyn (c60821…)" @happybeing - is this you?

I was unable to connect - unsurpring really, Jezza can’t connect with many Scots </Ben Elton>

Political jibes aside, it looks like this test is going fairly well.
Thank you again to all involved for getting us all involved again.


Amazing increase in successful connections from last time it seems… not bad for a couple of week’s work.

Crust seems to be doing a very good job indeed!


71% on a default TalkTalk router. Seems decent!