Crust Test - NAT Traversal (concluded)



I have Telia in my phone and as my home ISP too. No VPN:s running. I’m in Helsinki and the 4G connection is strong.


Now getting better with repeated restarts:

Successful connections: [“你好世界 (c831f3…)”, “Frank (146527…)”, “8fbef6…”]

Successful connections: [“krnelson (edefed…)”, “Stout77 (543102…)”, “tmark_ubuntu (7ffd07…)”, “rid (d04b84…)”, “sergio (59f92c…)”, “你好世界 (c831f3…)”, “Frank (146527…)”, “dcbcd6…”, “fergish (c2cbe4…)”]

Successful connections: [“krnelson (edefed…)”, “GMason (b40af0…)”, “tmark_ubuntu (7ffd07…)”, “bzee (d4bded…)”, “hills (904bb9…)”, “你好世界 (c831f3…)”, “ashwin (0e0579…)”, “Sarah (344287…)”, “abcd (441778…)”, “icrust (c31abf…)”, “fergish (c2cbe4…)”, “sergio (59f92c…)”, “Hunter (e411a1…)”, “Flem (c9dd5d…)”, “huginmunin (b8f886…)”]

Edit: Some more trials

Successful connections: [“krekc (315fa7…)”, “Frank (146527…)”, “JPL-Linux (6f8bad…)”, “tmark_ubuntu (7ffd07…)”, “icrust (c31abf…)”, “exul (8fa398…)”, “fergish (c2cbe4…)”, “John (9281c3…)”]

Successful connections: [“nailonhead (2873b2…)”, “huginmunin (b8f886…)”, “Just Salvorin (c58b94…)”, “931702…”, “krekc (315fa7…)”, “Flem (c9dd5d…)”, “Nigel (ea472b…)”]

It seems that connection attempts sometimes fail and sometimes goes through to the same folks. For example “John (9281c3…)” has been at least once listed as success and at least once as a failure.

This is all just me browsing through the list with my two eyeballs - is this of any use?


Just an update: I’ve added a bit on the global nature of the dashboard results (it’s not just your connections), Cookies (the invite server creates one) and Duplicate Results to the OP.


Thank you - re-registering my IP did the trick and I can now run the test - results after I have let it run for a while.

However I still have a problem trying to log onto the network,
I 18-10-18 17:00:42.993171 Bootstrapping(e25f23…) Failed to bootstrap. Terminating.


And after 20 mins or so I have this –

but I still cannot log on to the SAFE network with a memorable secret/pwd combo and an account with plenty PUTS left


Try writing your secret and password on to a text editor. Cut n paste to the log in screen. I had a similar issue. Does your password contain any special characters?


Good general advice @Zoki. In fact, I’ve handed out this trick myself in the past.
No further forward. I am 100% certain on the pwd/secret combo. If that was wrong, would I not get something along the lines of “This account cannot be found” or suchlike?

It’s the “Failed to connect” that gets me - its not even connecting before it gets a chance to examine my credentials.

Again I think
I 18-10-18 17:43:18.641193 Bootstrapping(8de895..) Failed to bootstrap. Terminating.

may be significant. @
Last night @hunterlester said he thought it was due to an issue they were documenting but the highlighted link to this issue was not working…


ha! some data from china now :smiley:

not ideal performance but looks better than before xD


Howdy Nikita,

Were you able to test that Mac Mini, with High Sierra on it?
Did it run okay or is this just my Mini?



update_ip :ballot_box_with_check:
downloaded the test :ballot_box_with_check: Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS 64-bit
double click “client” :stop_sign:

How do I manage to always do it wrong and what I’m doing wrong?



hmhmmm - i guess it should work if you do a

[right click on the white background] -> open folder in terminal -> [type into terminal:] ./client -> enter

(no clue if there is a simple way without terminal - that’s just how i did it because it was the fastest way to success i knew)


I got the same first time through.
Open a terminal Ctrl+Alt+t

cd ~/Downloads/crust<Tab>  `<-- why type it out? Thats what Tab completion is for..`


Let me spin up an Ubuntu 18 VM and see if I can’t help you.


Hello everyone, nice work.

Unfortunately no connection for me, but with my router I already expected that.

OS: Ubuntu 18.04
Log: hastebin


Link doesn’t work…


Are you sure? It works for me.


Ah yes, I had NoScript on :blush:


Looks like another case of


Oh I see! I didn’t look closely enough at what you were doing. You’re so close, man!

  • Okay, click on the 3x3 dot grid in the lower left hand corner of your screen.
  • Search for Terminal
  • Open it
  • Type: cd ./Downloads/crust, then press tab and terminal will auto-complete the rest of the directory name, press Enter.
  • Type: ./client to execute

Assuming the directory is in your Downloads, couldn’t quite tell from the image.


Running it from GUI might work if it is marked as executable (right click on file and look in properties).