Crust Test - NAT Traversal (concluded)



The issue link is broken, sorry


Crust is pretty gentle on CPU. Very nice.


Seems like mostly failed connections vs success? I am in the US on windows. Was called JeremySAFE :smiley:


Yeah, same for me at first. Keep it running as long as you can though. Come back in an hour or two and you’ll see those successful connections will have grown into a long array.


Will do, gonna leave it cooking awhile :slight_smile: . This is exciting though, glad to see MAID giving users something easy and simple to play with.


Me too, but overall I think it’s going quite well, and will get better over time!

Successful connections: [“kip (cf4ae7…)”, “Sascha (65c2c4…)”, “fergish (e5e15c…)”, “savage1 (31ee56…)”, “Vort (258814…)”, “dimitar (12146a…)”]

Failed connections: [“Darius (fe3740…)”, “nailonhead (2873b2…)”, “Chris (386212…)”, “digipl (8c1446…)”, “bochaco (9e93b0…)”, “mav (9e74ad…)”, “Arcturus (546157…)”, “Frank (146527…)”, “DavidMc0 (a9742e…)”, “Nigel (dfbb1a…)”, “abcd (441778…)”, “Hunter (f679f0…)”, “Just Salvorin (fff668…)”, “JeremySAFE (6689d4…)”]

edit: I restarted my client and now I get way more successful connections. Close to an even split between successful and failed connections, interesting.

#109 sounds like @dugcampbell. Good voice!


Joining the test kinda late, seems like an even 50-50 success-fail ratio for me at the moment.



@jeremyjpj0916 I’m surprised we didn’t connect as I am also connected to @dimitar and @Vort too I believe. Also US based, though I know that isn’t much of a factor. It’s been a couple hours since I’ve checked it, prolly take a peak in the morn.

I did wonder earlier though, if certain types of routers (with whatever characteristics) are sold more in certain geographical areas. We do live in a global economy so I feel it’s a bit less likely but it was something that crossed my mind.


Worked for me, seemed to get a few connections before I did allow the windows firewall exception popup. anyways leaving it running, good stuff.


I had to install the VS2015 C++ Redistributable to get it to run on Windows


@Nigel I did a screenshot on our connection I will print it and put it in frame, then I will attach it to a wall :stuck_out_tongue:

Successful connections have fallen overnight, but still more than good, I’m directly connected to the internet without a router:


Gotcha, I am running a fancy pricey Linksys wireless router(I splurge on tech stuff :stuck_out_tongue: ) with strong signal and lots of baked in network security most likely, maybe it does not like what it sees when it comes to outbound or inbound connections, beats me. Curious if this is just a “alpha” of crust client connections, or if this is considered good enough performance for network v1 and to continue moving to other aspects of the network. I let mine run a few hours and I saw about a 50/50 spit on connections vs failures. If MAID adds some extra debugging or logging to enable for all of us I would happily send them some results of testing so they could gain insight into the what/why for failed connections.


Dashboard is very slow on Firefox browser


I’m also running a fancy linksys wrt1900ac router with windows 7 and having pretty miserable connections rate of 5 successful vs perhaps 32 unsuccessful.

I also tried disabling my DMZ which I had set up to go to my plex/freeswitch house server. That didn’t help. Also tried disabling some of the firewall settings inside the router that had been on by default. Also didn’t help.


I’m connected too! Feels good to be able to do somthing :clinking_glasses:

2204 Successful Connections 2221 Failed Connections. Does this mean that there is over 4000 individual computers participating the test? Hard to believe. If not, is there some number indicating that?

My success/failure didn’t change after allowing the client app in Windows Defender firewall.


You are one of the few people I’m connected to. In fact, I seem to be connected to you twice!


Oh yeah, I see you on the list - but only once. I did open and close the client a couple of times, maybe that affects somehow?

edit: Oh, it seems that the client closed on its own. I’ll restart.

edit2: Off to something else. I’ll leave the test running.


There is a tracker pixel (to on the dashboard web page. Seems related to ‘BizCharts’. I have an ad blocker, but it didn’t block this request.

I noticed the same — also on Microsoft Edge. Loads better on Chrome though.