Crust Test - NAT Traversal (concluded)



I am getting this error message on my Mac Mini when trying to run the client.

Any Ideas?


Could you please share your macOS version and the Mac Mini model? It’s expected that this client binary won’t work on macOS versions lower than High Sierra, so it’d be good to know if that’s the case.


It is High Sierra 10.13.6

Mid 2010



It’s so cool to be able to test this stuff!

My client crashed after about half an hour:

Rendezvous with server failed for both Tcp and Udp - could not obtain our external address

full error:
thread ‘main’ panicked at 'Aborting due to the previous errorERROR 08:57:32.403807967 [client] Failed to get our connection info: Rendezvous with server failed for both Tcp and Udp - could not obtain our external address
', examples/


This is fun!
Imagine, I’m using an old phone for wireless tethering out on an island in the Gulf of Finland. Unlimited data, though. :slight_smile:

(Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon)

Successful connections: [“oetyng (1e9079…)”, “abcd (441778…)”, “JPL (e87ba0…)”, “traktion (898d2c…)”, “Salvorin Fex (d59b83…)”, “iLoveSafe (e6c87d…)”, “digipl (8c1446…)”, “Just Salvorin (fff668…)”, “btaylor (bbb63f…)”, “Frank (146527…)”, “931702…”, “dcbcd6…”, “dimitar (12146a…)”, “SuperNode (17fab8…)”, “AtomWasHere (7db611…)”, “nailonhead (2873b2…)”, “Chris (386212…)”, “Hunter (f679f0…)”, “Darius (fe3740…)”, “Vort (258814…)”, “bochaco (9e93b0…)”, “aleks (6ac651…)”]


This error basically means you couldn’t connect with a rendezvous server and couldn’t obtain your public IP address information. We observed such errors in cases like a network switch (e.g. if you’re reconnecting to a Wi-Fi spot), but there might be a variety of other legitimate causes of it.

So just restarting a client should help! :slight_smile:


And you’re connecting with people from Scotland, Argentina, and the United States, at the very least!
Feels almost like the magic of the real Internet, isn’t it? :smiley:


And Northern Ireland :grinning:


Feels good to be connected. Nice work @maidsafeteam - Will let it run all day while working from home and check in again tonight!


@nbaksalyar Any thoughts on this yet?


Yes, my best guess so far is that the binary compiled on Mojave is incompatible with High Sierra in some ways. We have a similar Mac Mini machine that runs High Sierra too, so we’ll try to test it there first thing in the morning.

Thanks for sharing your setup and helping with this!


I got that error too - So itś finally time to upgrade from 16.04 to 18.04…
Back in a bit …


I’m connected to @hunterlester we’re Crust Bros. Hunt! yeah boiiii :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: lol


YEEEAAAAh! It’s crazy how exciting this is!
Brings me back full circle to why I fell in love with the internet when I first connected to IRC as a kid.


Was thinking of you lately because I’m watching a lot of Rick Beato videos.
Making me crave classic rock at the moment.
Listening to No More Tears album at the moment…

@Nigel Whoops, thought this was in DM’s. Oh well. :smiley:


I feel like I’ve been rejected because my Terminal literally says “you’ve failed to connect with @mav” I am shook right now Mav. Shook.


No worries, haha. Rick is a much better man than I. His kid is amazing too. Thanks for the high regards, my friend!


Looks like my TCP hole punch has failed but UDP hole punch has saved me and I’m UPnP enabled, just FYI. Connected to quite a few peers atm but is sharing logs on here useful or is there enough useful data through the dashboard that it isn’t much of a worry?


This is unfortunate…

which means I can’t prove that my IP is registered.
But its always been registered OK before, got a static IP off the ISP - all other networking is just fine.

        willie@gagarin:~/projects/maidsafe/crust_test-v0.1.0-linux-x64$ ls -al
        total 10348
        drwx------  2 willie willie     4096 Oct 17 11:38 .
        drwxrwxr-x 26 willie willie     4096 Oct 17 23:15 ..
        -rwxr-xr-x  1 willie willie 10575552 Oct 17 11:06 client
        -rw-rw-r--  1 willie willie      364 Oct 16 09:57 client.crust.config
        -rw-r--r--  1 willie willie      563 Oct 16 10:06 log.toml
        -rw-rw-r--  1 willie willie      667 Oct  3 14:58 p2p-config
        willie@gagarin:~/projects/maidsafe/crust_test-v0.1.0-linux-x64$ ./client 
        Please enter your name (or press Enter to keep it blank): southside
        INFO 00:28:54.461608425 [client] Our public ID: 6a91a8..
        INFO 00:28:54.461675031 [client] Attempting bootstrap...
        ERROR 00:28:54.525119672 [crust::main::bootstrap] Bootstrapper has no active children left - bootstrap has failed
        ERROR 00:28:54.525222817 [client] 

    Could not connect with the proxy.

    This probably means that your IP address is not registered. Please follow this link for registration:
    If you have registered your IP address and still getting this error it could mean the proxy is down or not reachable. Please contact us and provide the log file.

    Press Enter to continue...


@Southside Good stuff. Yeah, looks related to an issue that we’re documenting.