Crust Test - NAT Traversal (concluded)



My client automatically closes after some time and in the log it ends with “could not obtain our external address”, among other things.
Which is odd since it connects fine, if the log can be useful who do I send it to?


FYI hairpining and duplicates are hidden from the dash, to give the clearest view of things.


From the number of attempts I guess that could just be a single user having trouble. More data would be great!


Woo! I’m online and connecting to other nodes! Very cool! :sunglasses:

I just have some standard TalkTalk fibre router too, so I’m pleasantly surprised!


I see you @Traktion!

Alas for me its
All available peers have been attempted to be reached. Checking for new peers every 10 seconds.


i’m connected to you :wink:


Oh right - so I’m connected then?


will do @Vort - thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:


yes :tada: [20 characters]



ps: just thought i’d share some constructive criticism that i recognized right now :grimacing:


Cool - this is on Debian 9 with @nbaksalyar’s special mix :sunglasses:


I’m on board from 17000km away, this is very cool guys :slight_smile:


User: Successfully is spelt with 2 c :smiley:


:laughing: [20 characters]


thanx fur dat butt eye kan spel gud ewe no.



Next user to connect: ‘sucksess’…


the network is becoming less family friendly in an earlier stage than i expected :hushed:
(ignoring some of the early websites ;D )


Great to participate again, and see crust working.

I’m behind an EE ADSL router with default settings, and only connect to 5 nodes at the moment of many available.

Great there are connections, but it seems some consumer routers like mine aren’t suited to the current test.

Keep up the great work MaidSafe!

Edit: Tried again when I had finished syncing data to my NAS, and now have many many more connections as I’m not overwhelming my pathetic wee router :slight_smile:


Will test tonight, bout to leave for work


I’m getting about 17 on a TalkTalk freebie router. I’m not sure how good or bad that is, mind! :sweat_smile: