Crust and Routing, how do they fit together?

So this might be a stupid question, but I can’t wrap my head around how CRUST and Routing fit together. Basically I want to understand what each does individually, and how they interact. Halp!

If you read the crust and routing
pages in github it will help a lot. A precis though is

  1. Crust is the network connectivity part (pipes)
  2. Routing constructs an overlay network on top of crust (stuff in the pipes and where to connect each pipe).

So all these peers are like lego bricks, they can connect to each other. routing arranges these bricks into a great big mesh, arranging all the same colour bricks together in wee groups. Then it tells each peer in whatever colour it is in where to get to any other colour, even though it’s not directly connected to any of those colour peers.

Kind of like routing is your map of the world, so even from your current location with this map you can see and get to anywhere on the planet (quickly, if you could travel at 10% of the speed of light :slight_smile: like signals do in copper for instance).

But and its a big but, this world is always changing, mountains vanish, oceans appear and land and houses move all the time, appearing and vanishing and new roads and houses appearing randomly. This map though is magic, it just knows all of these changes almost instantly. However all the houses are joined to a just few others (like lego bricks connect) and this map knows where these lines all are at any time in the planet and shows them to you.

This is how to imagine it, in reality it’s more like travelling at night in a car, you can only see 10 meters in front, but your map will find the next 100 meters or so for you to be on track.

Hope all that waffle helps :smiley:


Have you checked your link? It directs to a paywall…

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Yes, I put in real links now, the forum s/w seems to have anything with a dot near it and no space viewed as a link (like README dot md. Cheers for the heads up though :+1: ,


It seems like you are guys are making gold progress in routing and crust. I hope that the time needed to launch post alpha3 testnets will be much shorter :slightly_smiling_face: