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The End of LBRY Inc.

October 19, 2023

What happens to LBRY channels and content?

Over 1,700,000 identities and 30,000,000 pieces of content have been published to the LBRY blockchain. As long as the LBRY blockchain continues to be mined, those identities and records will continue to exist.

However, the content itself is not published to the blockchain, and requires host nodes to function. If Odysee chooses to stop utilizing LBRY, then content that is not actively seeded by others will stop being available. Using LBRY Desktop is the best way to ensure your content remains available.

Can Odysee switch from LBRY?

Maybe? Maybe not? It’s unclear whether Odysee has permission to port content that was published from LBRY to somewhere else. Additionally, at one point Odysee promised users that it would always use LBRY so long as it was legal to do so.

But we’re feeling pretty done with legal fights, and we’d rather see our friends at Odysee continue to do productive work supporting free speech. Ultimately, this will be decided by users, not by us, and we encourage users to wait and see.

There is opportunity here. Maybe the SN could save the content from being lost forever. Maybe Odysee could migrate to us the SN to serve content?


It’s likely not a good strategy for maidsafe or SAFE right now to offer public publishing and hosting of data type apps the SEC has already gone after so vigorously. I believe in don’t fight your enemy on their own territory. Our approach is non-confrontational and based on total empowerment.

We are launching the SAFE network, and that as a PLATFORM for a new Internet is quite something. As a first step, allowing folk to store data perpetually and privately as part of that core network protocol.

Now apps will be developed on this and those can add DNS like capabilities or use existing decentralised NS as well. That gives the app devs the ability to post links publicly. With that, then some apps will create their own versions of public data store and publish. The base protocol handles that very well.

In essence, the new WWW that is private, secure and perpetual will run on a platform and protocol that is private, secure and perpetual. This is what the SAFE network will provide for humanity.

Apps that create a new public Internet will have almost zero friction now. Then the floodgates will be open and not controlled by maidsafe, but agreed by users and application providers. This allows the level playing field, where the new internet will not be from a hugely funded SV Startup, but could be created from somebody living in the bush in some poor country.

This is where we will see the real power of SAFE, not fighting governments, but instead empowering every single human to create on a global network.


You make a fair point!