Crowdsale question

Need to get this over with. Invested in the crowdsale and uncertain about the status
of my maidsafe coins. Here is the problem. The Bitcoin wallet address that I provided
was from a paper wallet that has been hacked by “keylogger”. So the money at that address has been stolten, but I’m wondering about my safecoin. Oh well. Thanks.

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you should be able to check your maidsafecoin balance by entering your wallet address at


Depending on how it was stolen, the thief may not have realized there are MAIDs at the address.
If there still are, you’d have to transfer a dust amount of BTC to the address and immediately send MAID to a new wallet.


So send the dust to the existing address that was Hacked? Is that correct? I’m not really sure how this is done. How do i get access to the maidsafe coins sitting on the “hacked” address? So sorry for all these questions I really dont know how to approach this. Thank You. B

I feel a little reassured that the coins may still be there. Thanks

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You need to read instructions on how to access you MAID following the crowd sale and also about using the Omni wallet.
You can find the both in this forum.

You could first create a new Omni wallet and practice using it (how to login, send funds in/out) then try to do the thing with your original crowd sale address.

You need to send 0.0001 BTC to the same address where you have (if you have) MAID, that would be used to cover the sending fees.

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You need to create a new bitcoin address, one that you are sure it is secure and that only you control.
Import your hacked bitcoin address’ private key to and if you still find your maidsafecoins there, then send them to your new bitcoin address.

To do the maidsafecoin transfer it will require that your hacked bitcoin address has at least 0.0001 BTC (that’s the fee for transfering between bitcoin addresses)

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