Crowdsale, Pricetags and value :P

You see things; and you say, ‘why?’ But I dream things that never were; and say, ‘why not?’ - George Bernard Shaw

“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up” - Pablo Picasso

When we can create value out of thin air, there is a thin line between your two cents and a reality check. - 19eddyjohn75 :stuck_out_tongue:

Above you can see the Gnosis tokensale

Sometimes, honestly more than often the child in me say, “If this is possible, that is possible”, but before this is labeled as mission impossible :bear: with me.

So the Gnosis tokens were sold for $30 each and because of that fact with the total supply they got an instant marketcap of $300M, moreover the tokens are now worth $214.35 each? Yeah buddy that’s a fact :whale:

Question? If we got 21M Plimst tokens and we sold 10000 tokens for $1k each, wouldn’t we with the total supply get an instant marketcap of $21B? Well yeah buddy. If after that we could create a DAO and do things like, hire all Google devs to help create the SAFE Network, buy up and create a worldwide meshnet, buy a few cruise ships and cruise away from these control freaks? No buddy, it’s true that we can create money with money, but somethings are just impossible :whale2:

Think about it, raising just $10M would create a minimum value of $21B. This is why I constantly ask myself what is value actually nowadays? Everything has become laughing stocks, you can vote with your money to create new money. Technology doesn’t even matter anymore, the Gnosis devs could just buy up Maidsafecoins for FUN. This is why I really love SAFEcoin, the only way that your getting them is by providing computing resources.

Here’s the kicker every millionair can start their own coin at this moment, people don’t even have to buy into it. Soon we might even see Bill Gates coin in the top ten…

I thought there are plans to have safecoin available on the exchanges, if possible.

Maidsafe have not made any plans as far as I know, but Poloniex already asked 2 years ago when safecoin will be so they can have it trading.

Will the current exchanges even be able to support safecoin? Not sure where I picked this up, but a new exchange on the Safenetwork could support safecoin trading. Really, I think it is almost an economic essential. What if a hospital wants to store patient data on the network. They have ton of data to move. Would they only be able to generate safecoins based on the resources they provide and upload limited amounts of data. I imagine a need for a data transfer system, again if possible, to move vast amonuts of data over quickly. Thereby the need for entities to purchase safecoins in what ever volume they need. This almost looks like a new company business model, safe data consultants…:thinking:. Here I go again dreaming things up…

Easy, they have a SAFE account with a wallet and an address (ID) to send coins to/from. Then like all the other coins, they keep them in “wallets” (addresses actually) and the trading occurs with their systems using a DB

Although this is getting off topic, so start a topic or search for one to add to. But there is no issue for exchanges such as Poloniex, Bittrex, etc to accept/trade/send safecoin.