Crowd Sourcing of Resources at Launch?

Would it mean anything, would it help to simply ask people at launch to give what they can give in terms of space, and cycles for a better lift off? Remind them that you’re trying to change the world and fast scale helps? And maybe have them specify how long think they can sustain the surge and if satisfied what they can reliably contribute thereafter. Might need some trial and error focus group type testing but this might be away to have people be more generous upfront, to be weighted against any loss of trust such a request might incur and phrases to mitigate.

Some people might be willing to straight up donate space, cycles and bandwidth with non intent to load the system upfront.

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That’s pretty much how it’s gonna work. The only difference is that people will get Safecoins in exchange of sharing their space, so we don’t need to ask for charity. And I wouldn’t worry about the amount of space available at launch, people are preparing stacks of fresh new hdds for the occasion, you can be sure of that.


Thank you. Very excited to see what happens.

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Yeah me too, can’t wait to see all the little ants starting working. It’s gonna be quite something to witness.

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