Crowd machine - build distributed apps with no programming knowledge

I came across a new project ( and wondered if it could be interesting for the SAFE network in a couple of ways.

The questions it raised for me are:

  1. Would it be beneficial to have a similar ‘codeless’ development environment for SAFE apps in the future?

  2. Might it be possible to integrate crowdmachine with the SAFE network? (letting people develop SAFE compatible apps on the crowdmachine platform, then publish on SAFE)

On question 1, it would be great for non-coders to get started making simple apps that’ll work on the SAFE network. It might attract new audiences who are looking to build secure and decentralised apps, but don’t want to learn how to program.

On question 2, I’m guessing integration with SAFE would be unlikely because SAFE works very different to the other platforms crowdmachine aims to integrate with, but I’m not knowledgeable enough to consider whether it might be possible.

Could this be good inspiration, or possibly an opportunity for collaboration?


Actually I was hoping that CodeValley would be integrated into the SAFE Network, since @JLovisa from CodeValley commented on this forum a while back. Unfortunately Codevalley’s website out of service atm. :frowning_face: They launched 4th May :frowning_face:

What is CodeValley?

Is it similar to Crowd Machine in terms of making it easy to develop apps for non-coders?

Look here:

It’s not really for non-coders, but Julie from Codevalley told me that they would add an “request option”, this would enable non-coders to just request what they want I guess and an dev would put their program’s ingredient together I think.


There’s another reason it might be interesting to consider collaboration with CrowdMachine - they are focused on distributed computing.

I know MaidSafe intend to add compute to the Safe Network later on, but to get this ability in early, might it work to have an API interface with CrowdMachine?

If you could;

  • build SAFE apps easily on Crowd App Studio
  • store data for apps on the SAFE network
  • execute elements that require computing power via CrowdMachine

… it’d be pretty cool, though I’m not sure many every-day tasks will require distributed computing rather than execution on the client.

I just came across Crowd Machine as well. They “appear” to be very similar to SAFE, and further along.

Crowd Machine has created a high-speed decentralized cloud run on the world’s surplus device processor capacity, the Crowd Computer, to execute full-stack, enterprise-class apps built with the Crowd App Studio. The Crowd App Studio is a revolutionary development platform that automates and accelerates the coding process with drag-and-drop functionality and natural language-based rules.

I would like to get someone who as looked at Crowd to compare and contrast both platforms (SAFE and Crowd), as it appears Crowd Machine is very close to being launched and live.

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They do seem very close to fully launching. You can build apps using crowd studio already.

What I’m not sure about is how they compare in terms of privacy & security.

I don’t think crowd machine aims to offer a ‘decentralised iternet’, but they offer processing / running apps on effectively a distributed server rather than everything client side like on Safe.

I’d be interested to know more about data storage on Crowd Machine’s crowd computer, and how private processing of data is on the crowd computer.

I’m hoping they integrate the ability to host apps on the crowd computer that interface with the Safe network for storage. Whether that’s a good idea might depend on how secure their processing is, and I guess might be unnecessary if doing everything client side on Safe works out well (until compute is integrated to the Safe network).

How is Crowd Machine different from Maid Safe?

Maid Safe is a data protection technology whereas Crowd Machine is a decentralized app development and execution technology.

However, there is this in bold.

Fully owned by the cloud app server specialist Metavine, our technology and programs enable global participation in the decentralized technology revolution by transforming the worldwide blockchain and application sectors.

Unfortunately a huge quantity of CMCT has been hacked… possibly 50% of supply.

I hope they can find a way through following this massive theft, but it may be tough to restore trust after such a big failure.

Where did you see that?

First noticed when price nosedived yesterday, and then later through their telegram channel they confirmed there has been a theft and criminal investigations have begun.

I doubt there will be much more news for a while, but looking forward to hearing how they’ll move forward.