Crowd Founding Framework - OKR for April WIKI

Continuing the discussion from Crowd Founding Safe Apps - Next Steps:

As promised here is a draft for this next month’s objective. It’s only my idea and not meant to be complete. If you think I’m off base (things are too easy or too hard) discuss below.

As @waynenilsen mentioned and I agree the mvp discussions will hopefully draw more ideas out of the community. Thank you sir.

As mentioned previously the key results are supposed to be rated 5 of 10 to begin with. Meaning we think we have a 50% chance of succeeding. Each week we will evaluate where we are and update the rank accordingly.

Notice on #2 I’ve left the number of pledges as X. What do people feel is a good stretch goal number for the number of pledgers. Right now we have 6 who have explicitly said they would pledge Coins and at least 3 who are willing to work for some of the funded Coins as well as some stake in the project when that time comes. We have at least 1 caretaker of signature for multisig if that happens. So that’s 10 folks at least right now. What do people think we should shoot for as a goal?

Also notice #3 is blank. What else can we shoot for that measures we hit or missed April’s objective?

April Objective

Define the Crowd Founding Framework MVP to the best of our abilities (this will include lots of assumptions on how the network will/could work) while increasing community involvement (project momentum).

##Key Result #1 (5/10)

Have a draft of the MVP by the end of April that we can use to start defining next objectives from.

##Key Result #2 (5/10)

Get X? Number of Pledges (the amount is exciting but I don’t think it’s really that important because we are not really ready for any kind of crowd funding event at this point. IMHO the number of pledges is more important as it shows how many folks are behind the project)

##Key Result #3 (5/10)