Criticisms on marketing

I understand but this really shouldn’t happen with a competent marketing team though. Because the money would be pouring to us instead. Just like they’re pouring right into EOS right now.

“stupid” now “incompetent”. Your bedside manner needs improving if you expect to win over converts.


OK, I’m being a bit harsher than usual but nevertheless, stating facts. If the marketing team can’t do its job then I think incompetent is the right word to describe them. Less than 10 marketing videos in 4 years.

@foreverjoyful please stop abusing people.

And you’re stating opinions, not facts.


How am I stating opinions? It’s not an opinion to say the marketing team is incompetent(tho it may depend on your definition of the word incompetent) . Might be a harsh criticism, but we can only grow to be better once we start accepting facts and reality of the situation instead of saying they’re opinions. Incompetent just means they’re unable to carry out the task they’re supposed to do. It’s not a moral judgement to say they’re good or bad. That’s your own assessment. But saying some team can and can’t do something, It’s very objective. They had 4 years to make people know about the project well, yet another great commentator on YouTube is still saying the SAFEnetwork is blockchain based.(

Also given the scheme of things and the project itself, Safenetwork should really be ranked the top 25 projects and get much more attention. So again, if we don’t realise that the marketing team is holding the project back, we can’t improve.

I think if you really ask people, both people who are currently not part of the project and even part of the community members would agree the marketing team needs to change their approaches, do something different, or just hire another team that’s better at marketing to replace them.

That is not to say those individuals who are part of the team are bad at all, they all awesome people, but just perhaps, as with anyone, good at certain tasks and bad at others. They might find doing something else more helpful to both them and the team.







Please, understand that saying the marketing team is incompetent has nothing to do with saying the members that make the team are incompetent people in general. So I don’t know why you say “stop abusing people” .

Some people can do certain things others find hard, some people can do certain things better. It’s just for crypto marketing specifically, the marketing team can’t do it well as well as others (that’s not an opinion, there are many objective measures) . But that’s OK, doesn’t mean the members of the team are bad people at all or incompetent people in general. But it’s just perhaps if they were up continue wanting to do the task, they really need to realise they need to get their shit together, to put it simply.

Only the last three examples are subjective(the middle one is a bit special but let’s just say it’s subjective) The second last one is a subjective should statement, I totally agree, but I believe the team also shares this view.

The last one actually is not my personal opinion, it’s the opinion of the reddit poster that pointed out this video. I trusted him in his statement. I don’t know a whole lot about that commentator personally. I should add.

Unless you have their actual job description in front of you (ie the facts) the ‘task’ you think they’re ‘supposed’ to do is only your opinion. And you shouldn’t say they’re incompetent when you don’t even know what the metrics of competency are. Assuming some arbitrary market cap rank is important is just your opinion. Please come back to this when you have the facts.

edit: back to the topic of price and trading, I still as always think the sentiment around price is far more interesting than the price itself :roll_eyes:


Well, I think it’s not subjective, the task of the marketing team. They need to make people know about the project and promote awareness. It’s the definition of marketing. They’re not doing a good job at that by objective measures of price performance, exchange listings, amount of new members joining - - In relation to other projects also focusing on decentralised technologies… With the context of the current market conditions too. Where there’s so much interest in these technologies. These are objective measures. Please understand, accept the fact. Only then can you start making the project better.

Please understand also I’m just trying to help the community get a bigger piece of the “pie of attention” coming into this industry now. I’m not trying to hurt anyone with unnecessary criticisms

Didnt we just get a marketing team/person in the past few months?
coins not complete…
nothing to market…
as to price… highest price since Feb22, go Maid!


Anyway I’ve said what I wanted to say in other threads, I need to do other things now, so I’ll be leaving this forum for quite a while. But the things I say is definitely not with the intention to target or hurt any individual, it’s just some criticisms for the team.

And I do feel bad I haven’t made much or any compliments so far when they are actually also several things to compliment them about, they did many great things lately and their philosophy is really underappreciated, but I just thought saying the criticisms may help them improve more… But Maybe I should keep a balance though both to not make people feel too negative and to not have people think I’m trying to do that. I’ll reflect on that whilst I’m gone. Goodbye for now everyone.

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You do realize that the primary marketing team started in Q4 2017, right? Lambasting them isn’t fair in light of that. At least wait to see if they deliver on the plan they shared at the beginning of this year.

As with all things in life, continual improvement is an imperative. However, what matters more than pointing out failings is delivering your message in such a way that it generates its intended effect. Otherwise you’d be better off saying nothing at all. If you make people feel attacked, they literally cannot hear anything of value that you might have to say. Flight or fight. It’s hard coded into our biology.


Yeah fair enough. Maybe I should change the word from incompetent to “unable to perform a certain task”. Both of which has similar meaning, but perhaps the word incompetent makes individual people feel more attacked, I apologise, please replace every “incompetent” word I said with “unable to perform a certain task”. Anyway didn’t mean to offend anyone! Anyways… This is My last post. Good bye everyone :slight_smile:

Use facts not oppinions.

For example why have the two CEP videos that a huge amount of time and energy put into attracted only about 5,000 views.

Why does the marketing team think these videos have not generated a substantial amount of views. What do they think they can do to improve this? Is the community able to offer any assistance or recommendations?

Sorry if this is off topic for the wider thread but I thought it related to the recent conversation specifically.


Its still early days. We have only had mktg team for what 6 months now…so lets give them another 6 months before we evaluate. I think we have come a long way and the devcon was a good event. A few more big moves and we could be on the radar again. Do not loose faith my friend. It is darkest before dawn or something like that :kissing_heart:


If depending on social media & community sharing the views might be low. Normally videos with high views are with SEO, blogger highlight, google ads etc etc. I think some $$$ are involved.


Goodbye @forevermoanful


Or lets evaluate right now :smiley: Dug and Sara just put together our first European Devcon, seemed they did a great job there, more meetups, more social media exposure, tighter integration with PR etc. That is the tip of the iceberg, considering they have been under a microscope I think they do a terrific job, scratch that, I know they do a terrific job and it will only improve. It is amazing they did such a great job in such a short time, it will amaze me even more if they continue with good spirits whilst some forum member calls them incompetent. It is part of the territory, but no need for it really.

I think insults like that are pretty childish and poor, I hope that forverjoyful finds work somewhere and better ways to spend time. I am pretty sure it would not be in marketing though :wink:


It was honestly NOT meant as an insult, more of a criticism to the team to focus more on marketing in general. I agree the use of words might have been a bit harsh, and I do apologise for that. I probably used harsher words than I should have. The marketing team is, in no doubt, made up of awesome people and they are trying their best, and i think that’s great, although, it’s not as effective, compared to other marketing teams out there who reaches for project partnerships, big exchange listings, and makes weekly video updates, as well as making updated and clear video explanation of the network etc. etc.

Don’t take the word ‘incompetent’ personally at all, I’m only relatively comparing us to other marketers, and saying the marketing team isn’t as effective by certain measures, so I said they don’t seem to be able to do the intended purpose of marketing, and in that context I used the word incompetent(which i now regret) to only mean this. Again has nothing to do with insulting individuals at all, it’s simply a criticism for the marketing team that they may need to hire more people and do certain things differently, for example, and I agree i could have worded it better.

I just thought i’ll clarify my intention so it doesn’t get misunderstood by people who may take offence, as I really did not mean it as an offence – I will change my use of wording next time. It was simply a reflection of the frustration I have towards the marketing of this project as well as the frustration i have towards such a great project not being popular in such a space where all the other project who doesn’t have any good technology or philosophy is being more popular than this project, if not way more. It’s inherently frustrating, so please understand where I’m coming from everyone.

Anyways… I’ll be off now, hopefully every branch of the safenetwork team will excel and do great things for the project its vision this year!