Criteria for the Corporate Death Penalty, Corporate Break up and Cultural Revocation

What follows are my current personal preferences and prejudices. I am not saying these are definitive or even likely to be best way forward, they are just the direction I’d like to see thing go in. I think a global internet not controlled by governments and corporations will help immensely in moving us in the direction I favor and help make sure we ordinary people live empowered lives that are taken into account.

The time is coming when the economic royalist’s agenda of ever increasing inequity will be rolled back and hopefully rolled back completely and permanently.

A true stock market collapse will make it easier to do things like pin a stock’s market value to no more than twice its book value and end boom bust cycles and economies driven by speculation, but its not necessary to wait for a collapse and some of the needed changes would probably collapse the market anyway- warn the public in advance and tell them the market values were BS to begin with. Its time to get the conflicts of interest out of businesses, our media and our lives.


  1. Firms with mission statement that prioritize shareholder value and executive wealth need to be on
    the corporate death sentence list for charter revocation.

  2. A firm that is too big to fail is not too big to be broken up and needs to be broken up immediately.
    The big firms in every industry dominated by an oligopoly need to be broken up.

  3. New charters for firms above a certain size need to specify total employee ownership. Large firms
    spared from charter revocation need to be converted to complete employee ownership- execs,
    board members, managers and supervisors would be permanently barred from holding the private

It’s also time to void all the free trade agreements , bring back the import tariffs, and rev up social security. And time to vacate every pro-business pro money Supreme Court decision in the last 150 years. No special privileges or advantages can ever be allowed the rich.

Corporate culture is the enemy of democracy, at best it is feudalism and in every case it needs to be replaced by true power sharing democratic institutions. “Corporate” implies rule by inherited wealth, its the very worst kind of rule and in day to day operations demonstrates that freedom killing result. Corporations are totalitarian fiefdoms. You can’t sell your freedom, you are free all day every day or you are not free and this is especially true in the work place.

At the small scale democratic means may not always seem like the most efficient or effective way to get things done but they are are the only acceptable way at any scale.

Who are you going to hire to kill them?

How much does that cost?

If you give the executioners that much power, how are you going to keep them from becoming just as evil?

Just the way we did it historically in the US updated for our present situation. Its something we have a tradition of. No one dies just paper entities. Massive boon for small businesses. Pension losses are a concern, but they are already decimated. All the more reason for Social Security.

Like starting a monopoly game over. But we want it to take longer to reach this point. Like turning over a field. America needs rebirth.

You really think social security is going to be worth a dime?

Not the way things are going.

You may get your money, but inflation is going to make it dimes on the dollar…

Governments are not the solution. They are the problem. Giving them even more power to interfere with the markets is going to make things much much worse, not better.

My insurance is costing about 40 percent more now that the government fixed it. And it covers half as much.

“Lets fix tyranny by giving the tyrants more power” will never ever ever work.

I think there will be wealthy heads on sticks literally if social security fails. People won’t simply stand by and die, not even old people nor will they willingly get into ovens. I think its not a third rail issue in the face of so much automation which ordinary peoplw know they have a greater claim on. I think its a fight to the death, and since there are more smart people by the numbers in the huge masses I am sure they win.