CRISPr superhumans questions

Hey guys

this is a community i really love & trust, and I wanted to bring up a fear I’ve been having for a while now.

I’ve been reading alot about how CRISPr makes it super easy and cheap right NOW for everyone on earth to edit DNA, and I just wanted to ask about what you think about if people will (intentionally or not) create a superhuman race that kills us all, and our families, and replace us all.

I know it sounds dramatic but I want to express my point.

I think it over and over and over in my head and keep thinking its inevitable, and feel pretty doomed. I’m really reaching out for any thoughts I might have missed; any competing logic that could offer me comfort. Does anyone think there’s any hope?

All responses appreciated. There’s many many minds on this forum I have deep respect for.

After a bit more thought I guess a possible good outcome is that humanity just won’t allow a superintelligence (CRISPr brain-enhanced humans) to be created anytime soon because of the crazy huge changes it would bring about.

Just like nuclear bomb tech is out there, and available, but we haven’t wiped ourselves out with it yet. Hopefully we will act similarly, by not doing it with this tech.

Why would they do that?

Good point lol :slight_smile:

But I guess because they might think of it as “improving” or making their children better, or something like that, and not really think about the real outcomes.

IDK though, it’s night time here and I tend to get worried and stressed at this time of day, so maybe it’s just that talking.

But I really wanted to hear what you guys think

The desired outcome is the same outcome that you have in mind when you go to the gym or try to learn about bitcoin (I’m not making a kids example because I don’t know if you have any).
There’s nothing new to it.

Have a drink!

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[quote=“whiteoutmashups, post:1, topic:5368”]
I’m really reaching out for any thoughts I might have missed
[/quote] The thought of enjoying your life right now, imho that’s far more important, than thinking about humanity’s doom scenario.

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I really love this presentation by Raymond McCauley. I see my DNA as software, and everybody on this planet should be able to update that outdated software. So when it’s safe and well tested let’s fix everything from Crohn’s disease to Rheumatism for those who want to. And if they can print new kidney’s (using one’s own DNA) for those on a waiting list, that would be great as well. That’s not creating superhumans, that’s creating health for those in pain.

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Oh noes! What’s the failed government disease industry going to do if this becomes unregulated and available to all?

Not really a government disease industry. Government spending is a minority of research spending in medical tech and governments don’t really reap the profits of those advancements. The only thing the government is trying to do is stop unsafe medicines from coming to market. Almost successfully too, but at what cost?

Both sides of this coin are rotten, it’s ass-backwards. Nobody should be regulating away people trying things with their bodies. Right now if you’re terminally ill, it’s just not worth the hassle for a medical company to try a new treatment on you. They need to cut through a mile of red tape and spend massive amounts of money and then when it doesn’t work on that particular individual it’s a huge black mark against any future research they try to do on the drug. That is not to say there shouldn’t be any regulation, we do need to make sure the treatments aren’t worse than the ones that are already in use after all. However people should be able to frictionlessly opt in to medical research, especially when terminally ill.
I also believe that there shouldn’t be any regulation for the possession of prescription drugs. Like in my country you’ll get put in prison (or at the very least get a bigass fine) and have a special mark put on your record that precludes you from just about any public job for even having a medicine a doctor didn’t prescribe.

But as bad as the government’s over-regulation of this stuff is the fact that it’s private companies that are doing most of the research is just as bad. This is one of those things every country should be investing heavily into and then letting companies compete who can produce the resulting therapies the cheapest without having to try to recoup billions in research costs. Not to say no private investment in research should happen… Just that the focus should be flipped with governments being the ones who invest the most into research.
Doing science should theoretically help everyone. Right now it mainly benefits those with the original patents, with a vast quantity of incremental improvements falling to the wayside as it wouldn’t make financial sense to negotiate licensing for technologies from 100 places for a 5% improvement in whatever metric.

But the answer to your question is: Struggle with all their might against it. I foresee a lot of medical tourism happening to countries like India where they aren’t stuck up on who owns the patents.

They also stop the safe medicines, and in fact quite regularly. As a rule any new medicine is stopped by many years, some by more than a decade.

I agree with the intent, but I am worried about the consequences (like superbugs).

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CRISPR is not robust, even nickases have significant rate of offtarget binding. And even if it was robust you anyway could not do very much as we do not know yet how to produce genuises as it is not a matter of several genes. That means that we need many years of research before we will modify ourselves to become superhumans (but before that of course we should test on animals) =)

DNA is not a blueprint. Look at Rupert Sheldrakes stuff, Bruce Liption’s stuff, Robert Rosens stuff, life is so much more than chemistry or quantum gravity ect., seems an irreducible universe even after it pixelates. But still amazing have to check it out.

Most of this stuff we are fed about genes is the delusion of hard wired superiority trying to justify inequity. Its that simple. Stuff like the book the Bell Curve is idiotic, on the contrary if it were they way they tell it there would be no facility (what they try to define as intelligence) left. The Yogi’s were very much right you’re not your body or your mind or what you take to be as your thoughts.

It’s getting there quite fast, and it’s just one of the techniques. A Dutch company already has a gene-therapy that works without changing your own DNA, it uses a modified virus to add some genetic material to your cells. And that’s just the start. In a couple of years some companies might do DNA-Sprints where they fix the code that causes all auto-immune diseases in some weeks of programming ;-).