CRISPR: How we suddenly got the power to rebuild humans and what we're going to do with it

I know this is totally non-related but thought I would share anyway.

IMHO this is one of the biggest things to EVER happen in human existence and certainly one of the biggest breakthroughs for bioscience and medicine.


It really scares me alot

I think it’s great. Especially when we use it to fix diseases like auto-immune disease.

What if they make better smarter faster etc etc types of people than us and they decide to easily take us out / enslave us??

We even have major equality problems (80 ppl own more than the bottom 2 billion ppl) even today when we all have the same DNA…

Maybe a stupid question but these are the things I wonder at night lol


All true and we should be concerned and approach with caution however this is human nature, to better and improve ourselves and in a way we already do these things. I think its great.

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