Creator of the World Wide Web takes a stab at creating a decentralized web

@dirvine Would you ever consider inviting Tim Berners Lee out to Troon, so he could get a closer look at what you guys have accomplished and are accomplishing?


If Paige gets the chance she will try and set up a meeting, I would just nip down to London/Cambridge and do that in a split second.


Wrong link, try this one:


Lol, they are brainstorming to try and create what Maidsafe has been doing for a decade…its so refreshing to be in the know on something so far ahead of the curve on things!


You can bet that some of those big names have signed onto an elite agenda.


It seems to be mostly discussions of a “how can we decentralize and keep our giant databases of data for marketing purposes?”…there are a few who recognize the personal data violations of the current web, but even fewer who want to change the existing model…


Lets hope they are not faster then maidsafe


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Paige, get this set up, be bullish, please!!!


I am also hearing discussion on how to “decentralize” access to servers via mobile or having offline apps that can later sync to a server…The haven’t quite got the idea yet, but are getting closer!

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I quit listening at the Q&A of Cerf’s speech; too much droning and blather. I’ll wait until ioptio’s segments are put up.


Another feature of that works now and I’m porting to SAFEnetwork.


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This is critical and why time is of the essence in launch. If someone, anyone, makes a ‘decentralized’ offering before Maidsafe does, then they will get first-mover advantage in spite of not being superior or actually decentralizing anything. Just changing the window dressing really.


Let’s hope they are faster. The sooner we get the tech the faster we win no matter who delivers it.

@ioptio coming on right now !! So tune in and lets wish her well.


Zeronet, zero rate, net zero- sure this isn’t a scam? They couldn’t have picked a worse name.

There is no first mover advantage. In evolution the best species should win and in my opinion if something better than SAFE Network comes along then it will rank higher according to my criteria and gain priority advantage

SAFE Network has competition but this is good because it means for a competitor to beat SAFE Network they have to make a SAFER Network. It would mean the world would have better technology and then we all win.

In my opinion, SAFE Network should consider porting itself over if the time comes that a new and better programming language than Rust appears. If something better than SAFE Network comes out then there will be two networks and SAFE Network can choose to interconnect with the new network.

I don’t get the scorched earth platform tribalism. I don’t see how it helps but I do understand people who have a lot of Safecoins for speculative reasons might fear losing on their investments. You will not lose if Safecoins can be redeemed for storage and you intend to use the storage…

She did a really good job. She stood out, was articulate. I don’t think SAFE Network could have a better representative than her right now and I expect people will be curious now to see what SAFE Network is about after seeing what she had to say.

She mentioned the switch to Rust and I think this is important. Rust is a more safe programming language and you had the foresight to switch when it was time to switch. I hope in the future SAFE Network is able to switch again if a better language than Rust appears. Some are in development now and it’s only a matter of time I think.


I only caught the last few minutes, hopefully it will be archived.

I see that she is doing a “hands-on” workshop and that would have to be: adding a vault do the droplet network, along with running the launcher and demo app. It seems old hat here but new comers might be impressed. Or is there something new that we haven’t seen yet?

Screenshots of the apps we’ve seen here, such as the pastebin thing (sorry, I lost the link).

EDIT: I foresee getting some more app developers as a result of such a workshop.

EDIT1: Surely it would most likely be the droplet network, because the alternative would that testnet4 is being timed to coincide with her workshop. :smile:

EDIT2: The more I think about it, the more of a shrewd move that would seem to be. The timing is a little early in the day, though (9am in SF) but not unreasonable. Testnet4 with 700 or more nodes, ioptio runs a SAFEmatrix starship control panel displaying its statistics, along with 50 instances of the latest vault on one computer running cool as a cucumber. It would blow their minds! Hahaha!


If that were true then Dash would have a greater market cap than bitcoin. First mover advantage is definitely real. This is not evolution and we are not in a ‘free market’. If the banks knew bitcoin was coming they would’ve deployed their ‘blockchain’ solutions first and stolen the thunder of cryptocurrencies. This has happened before. There have been many cases where an inferior technology reigns supreme simply because it arrived first. Using the example of Bitcoin, you’re witnessing a 2 year debate to raise the block size and the best they could come up with is ‘segregated’ witness. Dash solved this issue in 24 hours. Yet Dash’s market cap is 1/100 that of bitcoin. Why? First mover advantage. It would be naive to assume that because Maidsafe is the best technology, that it would be able to overcome a lesser technology that arrived significantly earlier than it did.