Creation of Public IDs and Services using NodeJS

I’m looking in to the SAFE NodeJS app dev kit however there’s nothing in there for the creation of Public IDs and the services within them. I took a look at the Web hosting manager however the code in there can’t be readily required via a package.json (from what I can see), and I would rather not copy and paste an entire examples app repository wholesale.

Is there a NodeJS github package I can use for the creation of public IDs and services, or will I have to build it?


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I don’t know of one. Looks like we’re hitting this same area simultaneously as I’m sketching out a services library at the moment (but not the library you are looking for). See:

I’d certainly appreciate feedback on the above from you or anyone else here who’s got thoughts, or experience with web APIs and services.

That work could help create a services and public IDs module but probably not in the timescale you need as I have other priorities. But we can maybe keep an eye on each other’s code and help each other figure out how to use the APIs. I’ve made some notes about this area based on what I’ve seen in the container data structures, and the RFCs, API docs etc. I’m not sure I have everything I’ll need, but pretty close I think, so I can share this in a post if you want. I did the following post earlier, but think I’ve got a more complete picture now (so I can share that in a new post if it would help?):


That’s perfect, especially the content (and replies from @bochaco) on your containers and nfs emulation post here

I think that probably the best bet here is for me to take what’s in this post, marry it up with the example code in the Web hosting manager examples repo and publish a node module on Github which exposes this functionality through a simple API which allows CREATE/READ/UPDATE/DELETE on Public IDs, the services within them and discovery for existing Public IDs and services within the _publicNames directory the safe app NodeJS framework exports.

I would like to have this work done by Sunday, i can’t imagine it’s going to be overly complex - the code already exists in a few places, all I need to do is standardise it in to a single, simple module. I’ll post it back to the forum when I do and upload it to a public Github repository so others can benefit from it.


That sounds like it could be very helpful for several people @Shane , so please share any issues you may encounter and we’ll all be happy to help. If it’s very technical perhaps it’s better to post it on the dev forum.

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This would be very much appreciated !!
Thank you for all the efforts and for publishing your progress, this is a great lesson for a coding apprentice :slight_smile:


Very interested to see how you get on!

Just as an update, we’ve made it through the build issues I was having in this thread and I’m now actively developing the NodeJS API - next proper update will be in a couple of days and I estimate between 6 and 9 days for delivery. :slight_smile:


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