Creating your WebID on the SAFE Network (Alpha-2)

Ideally yes, when SAFEnet becomes a huge success and those authoring the RDF ontologies choose to publish their standards on SAFEnet (instead or in addition to conventional clearnet publishing).

Or put differently: Please do not change those URIs away from URIs promoted by the ontology authors.


is this article valid now? do I need this version of browser to use webid and to use the app jams.demo?

Hi, I’m having some trouble creating my WebID on the SAFE Network. It seems no matter what I type into the form, I get the error “This publicName already exists (created by another app). You can’t make a webId here, sorry!”

Question: No item in the form is named “publicName” - which one is it referring to?

Regardless, I have used my company name, “ironhorsesoftware” as the Nickname and “safe://” as the Web ID URI, which is a domain I own, so I don’t know why someone else would have it. I tried to visit “safe://” and I received “Requested service is not found.” I think I’m doing something wrong.

I am using SAFE Browser Version 0.14.1 ( … am I on the wrong version?



On SAFE there are no top level domains (.com, etc), so the part that is already taken is ‘com’. If you try just me.ironhorsesoftware you should be fine.

The publicName is the last/rightmost part. The parts before it (eg ‘me’ in my suggestion), are called sub names.

Have another go and let us know how you get on.


That was it! Thank you so much.